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    Police Beat: Nov. 16

    Reading the bloody writing on the wall

    A resident assistant from Coronado Residence Hall called the police after she noticed that a student was not answering his door and that there was blood on the wall outside of his room at 3:20 a.m. on Nov. 11. The officer went to the residence hall of the man after the RA said the student might be suicidal.

    He first met with the RA in the lobby, where she explained that other residents informed her that they had overheard the man arguing with someone on the phone. They said he was throwing things around in his room. The RA also added that someone mentioned he was talking about suicide.

    The RA took four UAPD officers to the room. They saw two streaks of blood on the wall next to the room. The residents who shared the room with the man spoke with one of the officers and said that they did not see the man hurt himself or punch the wall. They added that they did not hear the man say anything about wanting to hurt himself or commit suicide. They said he was just arguing with someone and that they heard things being broken.

    The officer knocked on the man’s door several times but no one answered. He tried calling his cell phone and the calls went to voicemail. He knocked again and still no one answered.

    Because of the blood on the wall and the man not answering his door or cell phone, the officers keyed into the room and found the man sleeping on his bed. They woke him up and asked if he was OK. An officer also asked him if he needed medical attention. The man replied that he was OK and that he was on the phone earlier arguing with his dad. He told him he was failing all of his classes and then threw some things around his room after the argument.

    While the officer spoke with the man, he noticed that his eyes were red and watery. He also noticed the smell of alcohol in the room and a vodka bottle on the desk.

    The man had no blood on his shirt or pants, and the officer did not notice any injuries on his body. The vodka bottle was confiscated and thrown into the trash.

    The man said that he was OK several times, and did not wish to see any medical personnel. His mother called while police were in his room to make sure he was OK, and the man told the police that his parents were coming to pick him up this weekend and take him back to New York.

    The officer gave the man his cell phone number and told him to give him a call if he needed to talk.

    Lost: Disney princess … ball

    A UAPD officer found on Nov. 11 a pink Disney princess rubber ball on the south side of the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory while he was on patrol of that area. The officer placed the ball into UAPD’s found property department.

    White light leads to landing in jail

    A man was arrested on Nov. 11, at 2:22 a.m., for an outstanding felony drug possession warrant out of the Pima County Sheriff’s Department. He was additionally charged for driving in violation of his license restrictions.

    A UAPD officer was driving on Euclid Avenue when he noticed a vehicle in front of him had a white light that was shining out from the back window. The light became brighter and more intense as the car came to a stop and hit the brakes. The officer pulled the car over.

    He approached the driver, who identified himself with an Arizona identification card. The man explained that he was on his way to McDonalds. As the two spoke, the officer could smell burned marijuana and cigarette smoke. The officer asked the man if he had been drinking at all, to which he said no. The officer conducted an eye test, but the man did not show any signs of impairment. The man denied having marijuana in his car or smoking it recently. He gave the officer permission to search his car. No marijuana or paraphernalia was found. The officer did note, however, that he could detect the smell coming from the man after he had stepped out.

    A records check on the man showed that he had a felony warrant out of the Pima County Sheriff’s Department because of probation violations on a felony drug possession charge. The warrant was confirmed and the man was placed under arrest. His driving restrictions did not allow him to be using a car. The man was cited for driving with a white light to the rear and for restriction violations on his license. The officer booked him into Pima Country Jail on his felony warrant.

    Someone is missing their Wal-mart card

    A wallet was turned into UAPD on Nov. 11.

    An officer had found the black two-fold wallet at Babcock Residence Hall. It contained an Arizona identification card, a Chase debit card, a Wal-mart, Inc., money card, a cash express card, and other miscellaneous business cards.

    There was no answer at the number located for the address on the identification card. The name of the owner is not listed in the UA phonebook.

    The wallet and the items in it were logged into found property for safekeeping.

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