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    ‘Muggles’ play magical sport

    Harry Potter needed to hop aboard his Firebolt broomstick in order to catch the snitch, but all UA students needed was their feet and several of their closest friends.

    The game of quidditch, envisioned by author J.K. Rowling in the Harry Potter book series, inspired the second Muggle Quidditch Tournament, held Saturday on the UA campus.

    Kevin O’Donnell, a pubic administration masters student and community director for Coconino hall, said that the Coconino Hall Council and the hall’s resident assistants began the tournament last year with only three teams participating. This year the field grew to six.

    Coconino, Apache Santa Cruz, La Paz, Yuma, Navajo Pinal Stadium and Gila residence halls all participated in the event.

    “”After the seventh book came out, everyone in the building loved the Harry Potter books and that’s kinda what spurred them to do it, “” O’Donnell said. Last year participants rode broomsticks, but due to safety concerns the tradition did not continue in the event’s second year.

    Kenneth Wolf, a management information systems senior, participated in the event last year and said they really wanted to make a name for Coconino by holding the annual tournament. He said the UA’s version of quidditch is slightly different than variations played around the world.

    “”Some schools use a person running around acting as the snitch, but we thought a ball would be better so that person doesn’t get exhausted,”” Wolf said. He said last year they used a marble, but due to the size they were unable to find it.

    Wolf said he gets called a nerd sometimes when he mentions quidditch to other people, but he said he still helped plan the event and he wanted to make it as fun as possible.

    “”I feel like a badass,”” said Kristina Kennedy, a political science and history freshman and member of the La Paz team that won the event. “”We didn’t win anything in the beginning, half our team didn’t even show up, we were seriously the underdog and I feel amazing.””

    Each 15-minute double elimination match followed rules that were very similar to ultimate frisbee.

    There were two seekers trying to catch the snitch (a golden racquetball thrown by people who were not playing) who come into the game after the first 5 minutes. Once the seeker catches the snitch, the game is automatically over. That team wins and receives an additional 150 points.

    Other players known as the chasers try to throw a ball known as the quaffle into one of three rings in order to gain a point. It is the keeper’s job to protect the rings and prevent the opposing team from scoring.

    While this is taking place, people known as beaters throw Nerf balls at the chasers who are trying to score. Once chasers are hit they are required to drop the ball and tag a cone before reentering the game.

    Yuma residence hall won the event last year after defeating Manzanita-Mohave. This year Yuma lost to La Paz in the semifinal round, after a member of La Paz caught the snitch.

    Psychology senior Carrie Moy, said no matter who won, everyone just wanted to go out and have a good time.

    “”How many people can say they played muggle quidditch in college?”” she said.

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