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    Police Beat: September 4

    Tossed into trouble

    Three UA students were arrested after an officer from the University of Arizona Police Department observed them huddled together holding cans near Sixth Street and Park Avenue at approximately 12:10 a.m. on Monday.

    The officer drove by the group to get a closer look at what they were holding, at which time one of the students threw his cans over the wall of a nearby residence. The other two left their cans on a low wall in front of the residence and the three began to walk away.

    The officer approached the group and asked them to take a seat on the curb so he could ask them some questions.

    The first student admitted she had been drinking Keystone Light, which she had gotten from a party that she and her friends had gone to earlier. When she saw the officer approaching, she left her beer on the wall of the residence, she said.

    The second student said he had drunk about five or six cans of Keystone Light, but said he had gotten the beer from someone in his dorm.

    The third student told the officer that he would only answer certain questions. He said he had drank about two cans of beer that evening, and that someone at a gas station had bought the beer for them.

    The officer could smell alcohol on two of the students’ breath as they spoke, but none of the three submitted to a portable breath test.

    After questioning the group, the officer arrested one student on charges of minor in possession and criminal littering. The two students who smelled of alcohol were arrested on charges of minor in possession, minor in possession in body and criminal littering.

    All three were cited and released from the scene, and the officer disposed of the cans the students had left in front of the nearby residence and in the yard.

    Photo op

    While responding to assist another officer at a residence hall on Monday at approximately 12:45 a.m., a UAPD officer observed a UA student sitting on a UAPD motorcycle parked in front of the dorm.

    The student appeared to be touching and moving things near the handlebars.

    When he got off of the bike and began walking north, the officer stopped him and called a sergeant over to inspect the bike. The sergeant said the motorcycle appeared to be unharmed, and did not want to pursue any charges against the student.

    The student told the officer that he had just sat on the bike and had someone take photos of him.

    The officer explained to the student that he would not receive any criminal charges, but would receive a code of conduct violation.

    Three strikes, you’re out

    A UA student was arrested on charges of underage drinking and booked into Pima County Jail on Monday at approximately 12:50 a.m.

    An officer was responding to a call regarding men harassing a woman near a residence hall when he noticed the student, who matched the description of one of the men.

    When questioned, the student said he was only passing through the area and was not involved in any incident with a woman, though he had noticed a lot of police in the area. A check with the lead officer in the case confirmed that the student was not one of the men they were looking for.

    However, the officer noticed a strong smell of alcohol coming from the student’s breath and observed that he also had slurred speech, bloodshot eyes and a noticeable sway while standing in place. The student admitted to drinking liquor and beer throughout the night, adding that this was college, so he was going to continue to hang out at stores and ask people to buy him alcohol.

    A records check revealed that the student was diverted to the Dean of Students for underage drinking on Aug. 24, and arrested for underage drinking on Aug. 25. The officer arrested him on charges of underage drinking again, then searched him and took him to Pima County Jail, where he was booked into custody. A code of conduct violation was also completed.

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