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    College Republicans deserve praise for opposing screening

    I applauded the Daily Wildcat when they actually printed an article with a Republican point of view on Inauguration Day. (“”Nothing audacious here,”” Jan. 20, 2009) It was a nice surprise and a complete departure from the liberal garbage that usually gets printed on a daily basis. Unfortunately, the following day, it was back to normal as they printed an editorial bashing the College Republicans for not being afraid to stand up and speak their mind on what they interpreted as inappropriate political involvement by the university. (“”Inauguration not a ‘partisan’ event,”” Jan. 21, 2009)

    The Editorial Board argued, quite poorly, that a presidential inauguration is not a political event. According to their logic, celebrating the signing of the Declaration of Independence is exactly the same thing as inaugurating a Democratic President. Interesting, huh? They also published a letter from the Young Democrats that criticized the College Republicans. After reading their letter, you had to wonder whether or not they had even read the article about what the College Republicans objected to or the actual press release. The article and press release made it clear that the Republicans weren’t interested in cutting down the Democrat Party or spoiling Obama’s inauguration, but instead concerned about university involvement in a political event.

    The Young Democrat leaders suggested that the College Republicans focus “”on ways to shape conservative policy in a way that might actually benefit the University of Arizona.”” Did they consider that there is a huge contingent of students on campus that are unhappy with the overwhelmingly liberal environment that they are constantly exposed to? Did they consider that there are a lot of students on campus that appreciate that somebody is willing to stand up for a point of view contrary to the liberalism that oozes out of most every classroom and administrative office on campus? Probably not.

    Jenn Rogers

    political science sophomore

    UA president should take pay cut to show fiscal restraint

    We all know how hard the Legislature’s budget crunch will impact the UA. And while I admire President Shelton’s rally against budget cuts towards our school, I’d like to see him put his money where his mouth is: Take a pay cut to $1/year. How much would that show how much he loves our school and would do anything to protect our education? It surely won’t cover $103 million, but it’s a start.

    I’d hope that our administration is willing to cut themselves in addition to cutting the rest of our university in an effort to save money. I know President Shelton has already donated his $50,000 raise to the general scholarship fund, and for that I am grateful – but I’d like to see him and his administration make true sacrifices to save our school, just as the rest of us have.

    Clayton Chu

    aerospace engineering senior

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