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    The Wildcat breaks down styles better left at home

    We at the Arizona Daily Wildcat like to encourage creativity, innovation and thought in wardrobe. We promote diverse clothing and applaud people who branch out from the typical college get-up (i.e., the red Zona Zoo T-shirt, shorts and Rainbow flip-flops).

    However, with that being said, there is a distinction between great style and bad fashion. This is in no way meant to offend but rather to point out the fallacies of fashion. We only want you, the students of the UA, to know better.

    The Canadian Tuxedo

    Its been said, and it will be said again: Denim on denim just doesn’t work. Even if the shades of blue are matching, it evokes the cheesy looks of “”Saved By the Bell,”” and not in that cool, re-invented Urban Outfitters way either. Yes, this is Tucson, home of the cowboys and Levi jeans, but, please, make a choice, jacket or pants, and be done with it.

    Ass-Writing Pants

    Ah, one of the ultimate faux-pas looks, Ugg boots and shorts. Not only is the combination a bit of an oxymoron, it’s aesthetically unpleasing, too. Tall black UGG boots with a black skirt may – with the word “”may”” being emphasized – have the potential of looking chic, however, this is anything but. The Victoria’s Secret’s “”Pink”” slogan written across the behind is a nice added touch.

    Lazy Monday

    What you wear when night falls should remain at home when the sun comes up. That goes for the gals that come to school in skimpy, going-out tops with high-heels as well as the flannel-pajama-pants-and-sweatshirt, I-haven’t-even-brushed-my-teeth-yet look shown here. This is a university, people, a professional venue. Most everyone has been guilty from time to time of sleeping in and not being able to put themselves together, but there is a distinction between casual sportswear and this.

    The Towel Dress

    Ah, Juicy Couture. They have done quite well for themselves with the college women demographic, particularly on this campus. The logic behind this one-piece get-up, such as this one, is understandable for its ease and convenience; however, it would make for a great linen dress, too. This terry cloth number would be perfect as a cover-up for the beach or the pool. In case you were unaware, terry cloth is the same material used to make a towel. Enough said.

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