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    UA professor’s comments show “”compassion”” of liberals

    Another perfect example of the caring, helpful, gentile, compassionate, sophisticated, erudite liberal was displayed by Deborah Frisch, an adjunct psychology lecturer at the UA.

    According to a story in the Rocky Mountain News, Ms. Frisch wrote to a conservative blogger, “”If some nutcase kidnapped your child tomorrow and did to (him) what was done to (murdered) … JonBenet Ramsey, I wouldn’t give a damn.””

    So much for the superiority of the liberal mind.

    Don R. Sherwood
    Colorado Resident

    Kudos from one Chuck Norris fan to another

    In reference to Courtney Smith’s July 12 column on Yahoo! Answers, I just wanted to say, “”Well done!”” Very nice! I will definitely check out Yahoo! Answers and most likely become completely obsessed with it.

    Also, I have to say it’s great to see another devoted fan of the Chuck Norris jokes – I thought I was the only one so infatuated with a new breed of humor! Your “”Touch of Chuck”” twist made an overly awesome article even more awesome!

    In fact, the overall unfathomable splendor that resulted from reading your article almost brought tears of rapture to my eyes, but I think we can rest assured that it won’t have the same affect on Chuck Norris, because Chuck Norris never cries. Ever. Which really is a shame considering that his tears cure cancer.

    Thanks again for a great article.

    Karl Dutson
    Physics and mathematics senior

    Columnist understands importance of dialogue

    I want to commend Andrew McGhee’s July 12 column, “”The detriment of dynamic dialogue.”” Far too frequently, our conversations about controversial subject matter turn into banal, partisan debates.

    I truly appreciate his earnest discussion of language acquisition, and I hope to see more. Thank you!

    Allison Dumka
    Political Science Senior

    Professor needs to be held to higher standard

    Your story on Deborah Frisch’s resignation for comments posted on the Weblog didn’t explain that Frisch had made numerous comments fantasizing about the sexual abuse and murder of blogger Jeff Goldstein’s 2-year-old child.

    She also insulted his wife and speculated that Goldstein is a pedophile.

    She’s not being held to a higher standard because she’s a university instructor.

    These comments would be inappropriate for any sane person.

    Joanne Jacobs
    California resident

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