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    Police Beat: Jan 18

    Or are you just happy to see me?

    An officer from the University of Arizona Police Department responded to reports of a man stealing bicycle lights in front of the Marshall building on Park Avenue at 9:26 a.m. on Wednesday.

    The non UA-affiliated man took a light off from a bike by the Marshall building, proceeded north and was looking at bikes on the south side of Manzanita-Mojave Residence Hall.

    The UAPD officer arrived to Manzanita-Mojave and met with the suspect on the west side of the dorm.

    The man denied having any weapons or drugs but because of a bulge in his pocket, the officer patted him down. The bulge turned out to be the man’s cell phone.

    A records check on the man came back showing two attempts to locate from the Tucson Police Department and said that he had carried a MAC-10 machine pistol several times in the past.

    The suspect said that he didn’t like to be searched and touched. The officer asked if he may search the man’s jacket instead, because the man was not wearing it at the time.

    The suspect agreed and the officer found two bicycle lights and other assorted items.

    The officer placed the man under arrest for theft. While the officer continued searching the man’s jacket, the suspect admitted to stealing the lights from bikes.

    The officer also found a small plastic bag containing marijuana in his jacket.

    The man admitted to stealing bike lights because he lived outside and he also admitted that he smoked marijuana occasionally.

    TPD arrived in reference to their attempts to locate and questioned the suspect.

    Due to staffing levels, the man was not transported to jail.

    The UAPD officer cited the man for theft and possession of marijuana and turned over custody to TPD.

    Cyber-bully demands a refund

    A non UA-affiliated woman sent a threatening email to the Office of Continuing Medical Education at 1:46 a.m. on Wednesday.

    A UAPD officer was dispatched and made contact with an employee at the office.

    The employee stated that the office received a payment of $535 on Jan. 10 from the woman for a conference being held in May.

    After receiving the payment from the woman’s Visa card, the woman notified the employee that she did not want to attend the conference on Jan. 11.

    The woman wanted her money to be refunded into a different credit card account.

    The employee notified the woman that the money could only be refunded to her original credit card.

    The employee then received an email that read, “”As you are working for money in your life, if you did not want to lose in your life … refund (the money) to my second account.””

    Later in the email the woman said, “”If you did not want all your children to die in your present, credit my money to my card details giving you today.””

    The employee did not respond to the threatening email and chose not to participate in prosecuting the woman.

    The UAPD officer sent an email to the woman to tell her not to contact the Office of Continuing Medical Education any longer.

    Drunk student caught with pants down

    A resident assistant noticed a male resident stumbling through the lobby of the Arizona-Sonora Residence Hall and into a bathroom late Wednesday night.

    The student did not respond after the RA knocked on the bathroom door to check up on him after 15 minutes.

    The RA called UAPD and an officer arrived at 2:58 a.m.

    The officer attempted to contact the student by knocking on the door of the bathroom but received no response.

    The officer then told the student that he was going to unlock the door to make sure he was OK.

    Once in the bathroom, the officer found the student sitting on the toilet with his pants at his ankles and his head between his legs almost touching the rim of the toilet.

    The officer could smell a strong odor of alcohol in the bathroom.

    He attempted to wake the student by speaking loudly but eventually shook the student’s shoulders to get him to respond.

    The student asked the officer why he was there. He told the student to put on his pants and sit down on the floor.

    The officer asked for the student’s identification, but the student had difficulty getting it from his pocket.

    At the student’s request, the officer was able to retrieve the wallet from the student’s pocket and found an Arizona driver’s license.

    The officer noticed that the font and hologram were different from a normal license. A records check showed no record of the license — indicating it was a fake.

    The officer asked for another form of identification, and the student showed the officer his California driver’s license.

    The officer arrested the student around 3:15 a.m., for minor in possession and possession of a fake driver’s license.

    The student feigned falling asleep in his room when asked to sign his citation. After struggling with the officer for a few minutes and refusing to sign his citation, the officer handcuffed the student.

    The student was booked into Pima County Jail for his charges and referred to the Dean of Students Office.

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