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    “On the spot: Ryan Thomas, Marketing and entrepreneurship senior”

    Have you seen any of the Oscar nominated movies?

    I may have. I don’t know the lineup.

    There’s “”Avatar,”” “”Nine,”” “”An Education,”” “”Sherlock Holmes”” was nominated for an award, so was “”Up in the Air,”” and “”Up.””

    “”Up”” was good.

    So you like children’s movies?

    It’s not a kid’s movie at all. Did you not see the movie? It was very depressing. It dealt with loss, miscarriages, depression, old age and dying. How is that a kid’s movie? I understand it was aimed toward children, but it definitely had a lot of adult things in it.

    If you could invent an Oscar category, what would it be?

    Probably Most Realistic Character. You see movies like Sherlock Holmes, and you’re like “”Come on”” and we know those people don’t exist. Pick something realistic that you can actually relate to. You see movies where the underdog that still gets the hottest girl in school. That doesn’t happen. Not without copious amounts of liquor. So I want a realistic character and say, “”That’s a cool dude”” and can relate to.

    Which actor would you pick to play you?

    I’m told I look like Mario Lopez, but not a big fan of his. I’ll pick an actor I like watching. Johnny Depp is obviously too old but he’s obviously entertaining. Hmm, someone my age? I don’t even know.

    You’ve got like Michael Cera and other people our age…

    Michael Cera’s a goofy looking dude. Have you ever looked at his face close up? Nothing’s in proportion. His eyes aren’t even even. Um, Justin Long.

    He’s funny. What’s he in?

    He’s in “”Dodgeball.”” He gets hit in the face a lot.

    Which is entertaining.

    (Laughs.) Of course. Well, Jon Favreau if he was younger. He’s funny and I wouldn’t mind him playing me. He’d be entertaining to watch.

    So if there was, let’s just say, most attractive female in a lead role, who would win for this year?

    I’m a huge Megan Fox fan, but she came out with that movie where she was a vampire or something and ate people (“”Jennifer’s Body””). Didn’t see it. Didn’t look good at all, so I wouldn’t put her as winning. I would say the “”Avatar”” girl (Zoe Saldana). She’s blue, but I guarantee you if you poll a million guys out there, they’ll be like, “”I get it.””

    See, I felt it was so awkward when they were (cough) getting it on.

    No, they saw each other. They saw each other. It was just such a long movie. Really good though.

    You think “”Avatar”” is going to win?

    It’s going to win so many awards. Not necessarily that it deserved them, but because it was just such a major picture. I mean it was good. Same sort of line as “”Dances with Wolves”” and that won a lot of awards. Good storyline, huge production — how can it not win? And it was in 3-D.

    —Kathleen Roosa

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