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    Police Beat: Dec. 3

    Jacket: $53, shorts: $45, banishment: Priceless

    A UA student was arrested for shoplifting from the UofA Bookstore on Monday. Bookstore security held him in custody after they had observed him from the security cameras placing a UA jacket, valued at $53, and UA shorts, valued at $45, into his backpack and leaving the store without paying for them. A loss prevention employee stopped him outside the bookstore. The student was advised that he was no longer allowed to return to the bookstore. He was cited and released for shoplifting.

    Ex-fraternity brother with knife in room, frightens roommate

    A student reported that his roommate had made statements that made him feel so uncomfortable he wanted to be transferred out of the residence hall. A University of Arizona Police Department officer reported to the Graham-Greenlee Residence Hall on Tuesday at 12:41 p.m. He met with a community director and the reporting student, who said that the statements his roommate made to him made him feel too uncomfortable to return to their room after class.

    The student told the officer that both he and his roommate had rushed Delta Sigma Phi in the fall. He was accepted into the fraternity, while his roommate was dismissed. Since then, several other students told him that his roommate had mentioned that he wanted to hurt the student. As the student reiterated this to the officer, he wasn’t able to give exact details of any comments his roommate had made. He became concerned when his roommate said, “”I know we both don’t like each other. I don’t want one of us to end up stabbing the other, like those two girls.”” The student had seen his roommate with a folding knife before and knew that he still kept it somewhere in the room.

    The officer went to the room that the two men shared in the residence hall. The roommate spoke with the officer and said that he didn’t get along with his roommate, the reporting student. He explained that it was due to the fact that he got him into the fraternity and did not know why he, himself, was kicked out. His roommate would not let him know why he was released from the fraternity, which upset him. The man then gave the police officer his knife, which had two blades on it that could be opened at the same time at opposite ends. One blade was serrated and the other one was smooth. He said that he did make a statement to his roommate about one of them stabbing the other, but it wasn’t as a threat. He meant it as a reason for them to avoid each other and both go their separate ways.

    The man then said that his knife was only worth $5, and that the officer could throw it away if he wanted. The officer then took the knife into safekeeping until the two students were apart. The community director said that the knife was not allowed in residence halls and was in violation of the code. It was placed into UAPD’s property and evidence collection.

    The student (reporting party) said that he wished to be switched to another room or residence hall. The community director told the officer that he would facilitate him and take care of the administration hearing for the other roommate.

    Dressing for winter: Marijuana stash, Coach bag, boots

    A UAPD officer received notice of an odor of marijuana coming from the center of the second floor of the Kaibab-Huachuca Residence Hall on Tuesday, at 3:39 p.m. The officer met with the resident assistant, who led him to the second floor where the scent of burning marijuana was clear. The officer narrowed down the source of the odor to a specific room, knocked on the door and was greeted by a student. When she opened the door, the same smell of marijuana came from within the room, according to the officer.

    He then asked the woman if this was her room. She said that it was and that she had no other roommates. The officer asked if he could step inside, and she said yes. The woman then identified herself with a valid, out-of-state driver’s license and said that she was a UA student. The officer explained that he was there because of a detectable odor of marijuana, but she said that there was no marijuana on her or in the room. She said that she had smoked marijuana about an hour ago near Sky View Apartments, and that the smell was probably coming from her clothes.

    The officer asked for permission to search her room. The woman stated, “”Yes, sir,”” and allowed the officer to begin looking around. First, he opened the top right drawer of her desk and saw a brown Coach handbag. She gave him consent to look through it, and the officer found a small Ziploc bag with the words “”Smelly Proof”” on it. Inside the bag was a large, leafy, green bud. A black grinder was also in the Coach bag. Then the officer opened it and saw that it was approximately half full with a green, ground leafy substance that smelled like marijuana.

    The officer read the woman her Miranda Rights and she said that she understood them and would answer questions. When the questioning began, the officer learned that she had bought the marijuana from a man for $40. She described this man as being in his 20s or 30s, not very attractive, having shaggy hair and stated that he drives a Lexus. She explained that the man usually parks his car in front of Kaibab-Huachuca in the afternoons. She added that she could see his car from her dorm room window, and then went out to buy marijuana from him. The woman would not tell the officer how she came to know that this particular person sold marijuana and denied any further knowledge of him. She would not give his name or telephone number. She told the officer that the grinder in her bag had been purchased in a different state. She said that she had no more marijuana than what had already been found.

    The officer searched the room for more contraband. Another officer who was at the scene ran a records check on the student, which returned saying that she had a warrant for failure to appear in court out of the Pima County Sherriff’s office for a minor in possession.The officer then placed the woman under arrest for this warrant, possession of marijuana and possession of paraphernalia.

    The second officer, who was a woman, did a full-body search of the student while she was handcuffed. When she got to the left boot that the woman was wearing, the officer found a container inside. The officer removed the woman’s black knee-high boot and a plastic case fell to the ground. Inside the case was a brown rolled up joint with a green, leafy substance inside. The joint smelled of marijuana. There was also a wooden mouthpiece in the case, which might possibly have been used to hold the joint. No other contraband was found. The officer took possession of the baggie, grinder, Coach handbag and the case that fell out of her boot.

    The student was booked into Pima County Jail without incident. A code of conduct was forwarded to the Dean of Students Office.

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