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    Mail Bag

    Cop letter ‘misguided outrage’

    Yesterday’s letter titled “” ‘Kill Cops’ photo irresponsible”” by Ashley Harris and Alexandra Pesqueira is a perfect example of misguided outrage. Instead of attacking the protesters, they lay the blame on the newspaper that published a photo of them. The last time I checked, it was the job of a newspaper photographer to take photos that cut right to the heart of a story and sum it up in ways that words can’t. Sometimes those photos might capture something distasteful, but they do not represent the views of the person taking them or the paper in which they are published.

    Reporting on something is not the same as endorsing it. If Harris and Pesqueira want to take issue with the nature of the protest, then more power to them (my father is a police officer, so I wasn’t too thrilled by the sentiments, either). However, finding fault with the paper that reports on the story just shows ignorance. Michael Ignatov’s photo was compelling and thought-provoking, and the staff at the Wildcat should not be scorned for doing its job.

    Nick Hornung
    journalism senior

    New comic ‘mind-numbing’

    By removing the controversial comic “”No Relation,”” you have replaced a comic based on wit with a pointless cartoon. Although “”No Relation”” rarely made me laugh, at least it was somewhat thought-provoking. Its cleverness and offensiveness are derived from its use of language. I would much rather read a comic that makes me feel something, if not happiness, than one that makes me feel nothing at all. To print mind-numbing comics in the campus paper is an insult to UA students.

    Rachel Majerus
    undeclared freshman

    ‘For the love of God,’ bring back ‘No Relation’!

    Please, for the love of God, bring back “”No Relation.”” People need to get over themselves and learn to laugh a little. I mean, honestly, if I took the comic to heart, I would have been offended by almost every other comic strip. Whether readers like it or not, the comic does a good job at bringing out the truth that we are all too afraid or censored to really see. I mean, yeah, sometimes you cringed when you read it, but all great comedians always have a joke that makes everyone wince. Please, bring it back … it’s way better than the one you replaced it with.

    Loveth Aire
    undeclared freshman

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