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    “On the spot: Joshua Emerson, economics freshman”

    So did you hear about DJ AM?

    I did hear about him. He died with a crack pipe right next to him man, which kind of sucks. I feel bad for him, you know what I mean? I wish I was a DJ like him.

    But shouldn’t he know that crack is wack?

    Crack is a little bit wack, it’s true. But he’s a DJ so I guess he has an immunity or something because it’s cool I guess.

    But he’s kind of rich so shouldn’t he be doing cocaine or something else like that?

    I know, right? If I was a millionaire dug addict I’d probably be snorting good stuff. I’d probably be snorting gold dust, you know what I mean? I’m all about that gold dust.

    Maybe mix up a little heroin in there?

    Maybe if it comes down to it.

    Did you that he was on the airplane that crashed last September with Travis Barker, the old drummer from Blink 182?

    No way? That’s weird. You know what’s even weirder? I’m going to see Blink 182 in like three weeks.

    But what about this? What if there’s some kind of “”Final Destination”” stuff going on and Travis Barker is next? Did you ever think about that?

    That is so crazy. I’m so stoked to go see this concert now because he might die and I’ll be there. Then I’ll be like, “”I was there when Travis Barker died.””

    When is that concert?

    September 18, 19 and 20. It’s the Fall Frenzy Music Festival up in Tempe. I know that’s kind of Arizona’s second university, but whatever. My friends are scrubs.

    Well you better hope Travis Barker doesn’t fly to that concert.

    I know, I hope he’s driving. Maybe I’ll call him and tell him not to fly.

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