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Online Comments: Nov. 17

On ‘Middle-fingardium Leviosa’

I’m an ex-Harry Potter fan who hasn’t seen the movies since #3 and stopped reading the books after #6, but I really think the author of this has some serious issues. Really, do you have no other hobbies other than bashing people based on what books they like? Sure, there are crazy fans out there (just as there are for everything) who are going to be miserable when the movies are over, but you don’t have to bash an entire fandom like that.

Christina Bischoff

On ‘Rec Center pool drained’

I saw the water running down the street. What, they used a measly 5,000 gallons from the 250,000 they have? Let’s say they used 10,000; that’s still less then 5 percent of the pool water … the rest? Wasted down the street.

Wesley Bratt

On ‘Should teachers warn parents that their children are overweight?’

So the schools are forcing kids to sit at desks for seven hours a day, give them little to no opportunity for physical play (and I mean ENJOYABLE physical play — organized standing around waiting your turn i.e. PE doesn’t count), feed them junk food all day, give them short lunch periods so they’re forced to shove the food down their throats as quickly as possible … and their solution to kids being overweight is to send a letter home??



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