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    “On the Spot: Victoria Tsze, pre-business sophomore”

    What’s your opinion on facial hair?

    Um, it looks good on different kinds of guys. It kind of depends.

    Have you ever kissed a guy that has facial hair?


    Did his look good?

    Um, not exactly.

    What did he have? Did he have a beard or like a goatee or soul patch?

    He had a mustache and a little bit of a goatee. And then every time I kissed him it would tickle and feel really strange. And I wanted him to shave it off.

    I bet it would be … I don’t know. I’ve never kissed a guy with a beard myself.

    Oh, I wouldn’t think so.

    No. What about a handlebar mustache?

    What’s a handlebar?

    The people that have the mustache that kind of curls.

    I think those are just made for those old movies and people nowadays should not have it unless it’s Halloween and they want to embarrass themselves.

    Have you ever had to wax your upper lip?

    (Laughs) Yes, every single day.



    Do you think people have beards because they’re lazy or they just want the macho factor?

    I think some guys think that if they have facial hair that they look more attractive and that they look older because some guys just look really young, but I think others just get really lazy and then scruff just builds up everywhere and looks absolutely disgusting.

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