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    “On the spot: Abraham Rodriguez, Psychology freshman”

    So the Tucson rodeo is about halfway over. Have you ever been to one?


    Did you ever want to go to one?

    Yeah, I think it’d be interesting to go.

    Why would it be interesting?

    Just because I’ve never been to one before.

    Would you ever want to ride in one?

    It’d be a good thing to check off my bucket list, yeah.

    If you could ride any animal what would it be?

    Um — an eagle.


    Just so I could have that freedom of flying without being covered in an airplane.

    So do you like airplanes then, if you like flying?

    I’ve only been on an airplane like three times but yeah.

    So are you from around here then?

    Yeah, I’m from Phoenix.

    Nice. Do you think you could lasso something?

    Probably not.

    If you could, what would you lasso?

    Umm. That’s a good question.

    If it had to be in this room…


    You would lasso nothing?


    Did you want to be a cowboy when you were little?


    What did you want to be?

    An astronaut.


    Because I like flying. Didn’t I say that already?

    Well, astronauts don’t fly, do they?

    Well, floating. I like floating.

    How else do you entertain yourself by floating?

    In water.

    So do you swim a lot?

    Yeah. I was actually on the swim team in high school.

    You probably have to swim a lot in Phoenix because it’s so hot, right?


    Do you have a pool?

    I used to. We filled it in.


    Because my parents decided to … they just didn’t take care of it.

    Yeah, I probably wouldn’t take care of a pool either.

    Neglect. Yeah. I can’t believe we don’t get the day off tomorrow. Or Friday.

    For what?

    The rodeo. Pima does!

    Does Pima really?

    Yeah, Pima gets Thursday and Friday off for the rodeo.

    Do they go like a field trip?

    I don’t know, they just get it off. I doubt it.

    Is it like a remaining tradition?

    I guess. I just heard about it.

    —Christy Delehanty

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