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    Get off the elliptical and hit those weights, girls

    Jordin O’Connor
    Jordin O’Connor / The Arizona Daily Wildcat Women’s exercises

    Ladies, please, get off the elliptical machines and listen up. There is so much more to do at the gym than running in place along with all the other drones. Although the elliptical can provide high-intensity workouts, many girls just keep them on a low resistance and think they are doing their body good. Newsflash: there’s a reason you aren’t seeing results.

    Here are some exercises girls should try out next time they hit the gym:

    Free Weights

    The section of free weights can be a little scary for a girl to venture into alone. It’s full of meathead guys who are benching 40-pound weights. However, there are benefits to trying to give your arms some tender, loving care. The reason? Ladies like to be toned. A lot of the time we forget about arms to focus on getting thin, but the jiggle is noticeable.

    What to do?

    A manageable exercise is called swimmer’s press. Start with five-pound weights and your arms to your sides, but hold them palm-side-up with the weight in hand. Bring them up towards your shoulders and twist your hands 180 degrees. Bring the weights out and up over your head. Bring them back down in the same motion. Do about 15 per set and about three sets to start out.

    Dumbbell Side Dips

    We all hate the area everyone refers to as the “muffin top.” You can do countless crunches and planks, but you aren’t targeting the proper area. Instead of targeting abs, you need a specific oblique workout.

    What to do?

    Start with a 15-pound weight and stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Slowly lower the weight and lean with it to one side. Go as far as you can, and then slowly bring yourself back upright. That’s one. Do about 20 per side.


    Of course, sweating is the best way to shed the pounds. We spend endless hours on machines watching the calorie counter go up. Using the treadmill, spin bike or regular bike can be great ways of making that happen. But there’s a trick that a lot of girls seem to neglect

    What to do?

    Intervals, they’re your best friends. Start out by doing a five-minute warm up, and then alternating between running for three minutes and jogging or walking for two minutes. The high-intensity three-minute sprints help to boost your metabolism while the two-minute stretches help the body to recover. Additionally, intervals benefit your body for a while after your workout is over.


    Stop with the standard floor crunches already. They hurt your back and don’t really do too much in the abs department. It’s hard to break the old habit as we’ve been doing floor crunches since elementary school gym class. Try something new.

    What to do?

    Try hip raisers, focusing on your lower abs for this one. Lay flat with your back on the floor with your feet out in front of you. Raise your legs until they are perpendicular to the floor and then push your hips up, thrusting your legs toward the ceiling. Slowly bring them back down to the floor. Then repeat about 10 to 12 times a set for three sets.

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