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    Seniors look back on UA

    As commencement draws closer and closer in front of anxious seniors’ eyes, feelings of regret or happiness are in the air, but one thing is certain – their time was well spent at UA.

    Becoming involved with organizations and clubs enriches a student’s university experience, said Mike Humme, a graduating business senior.

    Humme said if he could redo his college experience, he would become involved in more clubs and work less.

    “”College has so many opportunities to get involved in so many clubs,”” he said.

    Humme said one of his best college experiences was with his business fraternity Delta Sigma Pi.

    I’ve definitely gotten used to being here at the UA. It’s become my home.
    – Emily Kraft,
    grauating journalism senior

    “”It’s 100-plus people all interested in business,”” he said, “”a real high caliber of people.””

    Humme said he will miss the outgoing, friendly and social atmosphere he has come to love at UA.

    “”I’ve met a lot of different people from different schools, and it doesn’t seem like they have that same environment,”” he said. “”I don’t think it’s all that common.””

    College is unique in the sense that students have the opportunity to meet so many different people, Humme said.

    “”I’m not going to miss classes as much as I’m going to miss college life,”” he said.

    Lilian Hautemulle, an interdisciplinary studies senior, said she has learned more than just traditional textbook knowledge at the UA.

    Hautemulle said she has realized that there are greater purposes in life than making money, and in an ever-changing society, intelligence is becoming more valued.

    “”Our time era is sort of epic in how much control we have in what’s going on around us,”” Hautemulle said.

    Hautemulle said she is excited but anxious as graduation approaches.

    “”It’s definitely a mile marker,”” she said. “”It’s a new place to jump from to hopefully reach newer heights.””

    Working 30 hours per week on top of a load of 18 units per semester has made Hautemulle more than ready to graduate, but she said it won’t be the last graduation she will participate in.

    “”As I’m leaving school, I start thinking more and more about when I’m going to go back,”” she said.

    Mike DiGiacomo, a psychology senior, said he will miss going to UA football games, but he also wishes he would have participated in more extracurricular activities before his senior year.

    DiGiacomo said he is excited to be graduating because he feels burned out on college.

    “”I’m pretty burned out on going to class and working and writing papers,”” he said. “”I’m somewhat nostalgic but more relieved that I’m almost done.””

    On the other hand, Emily Kraft, a graduating journalism senior, said if her scholarships weren’t running out, she would be happy to spend another year at the UA and take more classes.

    “”I’ve definitely gotten used to being here at the UA,”” she said. “”It’s become my home.””

    Kraft said her involvement with KAMP Student Radio has been one of her favorite things about the UA.

    “”It was a chance to me for be in a smaller atmosphere in a smaller, close-knit group,”” she said.

    Kraft, who was an honors double major, said she is still running on an exhaustion level, but thinks she will be sad as graduation comes closer.

    “”I really enjoyed my time here, and it’s scary to think that I’ll be so far away,”” she said. “”It’s like jumping off a cliff.””

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