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    just the fashion facts

    Sure, they may be a little self-righteous and a little bit know-it-all, but it’s a shame there aren’t a few more hipsters floating around beyond the Art building on campus to liven up what can seem like a homogenous sea of students.
    Robert Lanham, author of “”The Hipster Handbook,”” defines the term in its modern use as “”one who possesses tastes, social attitudes and opinions deemed cool by the cool.”” Hipsters usually know how to put together a pretty creative ensemble, mostly due to spending the time looking for unique finds in thrift stores.

    Due to his outfit’s thrift store aesthetic, architecture junior Patrick Bradley meets the hipster criteria.
    Bradley giggles sheepishly for being called out on his fashionable taste (note No. 1: Modesty is very hipster). His blue jeans may be Levi’s, a mainstream brand, but they are one of the few denim brands that Bradley can wear because of his self-labeled “”freakishly long legs,”” he said.
    For reasons of being eco-friendly (note No. 2: It’s very hipster to be environmentally savvy), hand-me-downs always get a nod of approval, like Bradley’s aqua blue polo shirt with an NBC logo, a shirt from his uncle who was once a news director in town.
    The main attraction of his outfit is his nylon vest, a great thrift store find.
    “”Right now it’s kinda cool because you can layer up,”” Bradley said.

    Architecture senior Sarah Ingham’s predominately all-black look is part hipster, part fashion editor.
    That being said, her response to who her style icon is comes as no surprise.
    “”Karl Lagerfeld, of course,”” Ingham said, citing the chief executive of design for the ultimate fashion house, Chanel.
    Like the rest, Ingham finds a lot of her clothing at local thrift stores like Buffalo Exchange and Tucson Thrift.
    Ingham’s area of academic expertise and her current job – she works at the local architecture firm Line and Space – are the main principles that she keeps in mind while shopping.
    “”It gives you credibility if you are trying to be a designer,”” Ingham said. “”Being an architect, you want to present yourself as a blank canvas.””

    Undecided sophomore Kim Truitt cites her great-aunt as one of her style icons.
    “”I really like classic vintage,”” Truitt said. “”I call my style ‘urban grandma.'””
    Her taste comes through in her choice of accessories: pearls – her grandmother’s – and cameo necklace.
    Aside from being drawn to vintage, Truitt’s look is layered; another qualification to being hipster-chic.
    Her red cropped shirt, a Buffalo Exchange find, is worn over a teal base, a shirt from Urban Outfitters (note No. 3: Urban Outfitters is the ultimate cheater store to becoming a hipster).Truitt’s kicks, her black Chuck Taylor Converse (note No. 4: They’re the quintessential hipster sneaker), are a purchase she made in Portland, Ore.

    “”Whatever is clean,”” is media arts senior Trent Purdy’s response to how he chooses what to put on in the morning. “”What doesn’t have vomit on it, mainly.””
    Although denim on denim is usually seen as a serious fashion faux-pas, probably even by hipster standards, Purdy’s standout red plaid shirt makes it work.
    “”I don’t go looking for clothes,”” Purdy says, who prefers collecting records and plays in the local punk band Sneaky Pinks. (Note No. 3: If you’re at all musically inclined, being in a band is a must to add to your hipster resume).
    But Purdy has the thrift store attitude to a “”T,”” proving it by refusing to reveal his favorite ones around town.
    The Bart Simpson pin (note No. 6: pins are a great hipster accessory) that Purdy wears reveals his sense of humor, which is apparent in a matter of minutes.
    “”I just try and not take myself too seriously,”” Purdy said.

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