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    Athlete of the Week: Sam Banister

    Editor’s note: Arizona softball player Sam Banister helped the Wildcats defeat rival ASU on Saturday, driving in six runs off two home runs. The Arizona Daily Wildcat’s Kevin Zimmerman and Nicole Dimtsios caught up with the senior before practice to discuss her plans after softball, her odd talents and why she likes glitter.

    Wildcat: What are your plans after softball?

    Banister: I don’t know. It freaks me out to even think about it. I’m not ready to grow up yet. Maybe start a band? (Former player) Taryne (Mowatt) will be my singer.

    W: Can she sing?

    B: Yeah, she’s a really good singer. Jenae (Leles) can rock out on Guitar Hero, so she’ll probably be my bassist.

    W: What have you been listening to on your iPod recently?

    B: Eric Church. I’m all about him right now. His music is awesome.

    W: What movie can you watch over and over again, and not get bored?

    B: “”Grandma’s Boy,”” hands down. It’s about this guy, he’s a computer game tester, and he lives with his grandma and it’s about his adventures and getting really high.

    W: But you don’t do that, right?

    B: No. I just think it’s really funny, because he’s like 40.

    W: What’s your least favorite part of being on the softball team?

    B: There’s never enough room on the (locker room) couches when you go to sleep in between classes. There’s always someone sleeping in your spot.

    W: What’s the advantage of being a utility player? Disadvantages?

    B: There’s advantages to my teammates, for my coach, that I can play anywhere. It definitely gives him more options. The disadvantages would be that because I play three positions; I’m not very good at just one position. I’m kind of average at all three.

    W: Do you have any weird talents off the field?

    B: I can impersonate a band drummer really well. What are those one’s called? A bass drummer. … A marching band drummer!

    W: Are there any NCAA regulations on the sparkly headbands?

    B: I surely hope not, because I love glitter. I even sometimes spray my hair with glitter before games.

    W: Really? Good to know.

    B: Oh! And I love glitter a lot because Edward (Cullen from the Twilight series) sparkles when he’s in the sunlight.

    W: If you had to go on a date with any UA athlete … you have to choose one.

    B: That’s embarrassing, there’s definitely a couple but I would never name them. (Consults with Lauren Schutzler) You can say Vuna (Tuihalamaka). I don’t know how to say his last name, but he has some great hair. I’ve never actually talked to him before, but I always see his hair everywhere.

    B: (later) I know what I want to do after school now. Me and Laine (Roth) want to start our own reality show.

    W: What would it be called?

    B: I have no idea. It wouldn’t be like a reality showÿ- what are those people they interview on “”Best Week Ever?”” I want to be one of those people, me and Laine. We’ve been trying to be one since we were freshman in college, but the people on ESPN – we’ve been trying to work something out with them.

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