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    Falls Police officer tells jury he was assault by ex-girlfriend.


    Niagara Falls Police officer, accused of assaulting his former girlfriend, told a jury Thursday that he was the victim in the case.

    In nearly a full day on the witness stand, Officer Mark Feldhousen said it was him who was attacked, by an out-of-control woman who was accusing him of infidelity in their relationship.

    Feldhousen, a 38-year veteran of the Falls police force, is charged with a single count of second-degree assault for an attack his former girlfriend says occurred in her home on Nov. 12.

    However, Feldhousen told the jury of eight men and four women hearing his case that the woman attacked him as he was trying to go to bed.

    “”I went to bed after the third time of hearing (about) the (infidelity) she’d brought up (weeks earlier),”” Feldhousen said. “”She walked through the (bedroom) door and started screaming at me and she climbed on top of me.””

    The 6-foot-4, 235 pound police officer said the woman, who is 5-foot-4 and weighs about 111 pounds, then ripped his clothes off.

    “”Her hands grabbed the top of my pajamas and ripped them straight back,”” Feldhousen said. “”I was screaming, asking her to get off me, (asking) ‘What are you doing?’ “”

    Feldhousen said the woman ran her fingers down his back leaving deep scratches, but not causing him to bleed. He said after ripping the top of his pajamas off, the woman reversed her position on the bed and then ripped the bottom of his pajamas and inflicted puncture wounds behind his knees.

    “”She never hit the floor,”” Feldhousen said.

    He also said he fell to the bedroom floor, but somehow the woman managed to get off him, stand up and begin kicking him.

    “”She never hit the floor,”” Feldhousen said.

    The officer did say that he grabbed the woman and threw her on the bed so he could escape to the bathroom and get his clothes back on. After getting dressed, Feldhousen said he fled from the house and got into his car.

    He said the woman followed him outside. Once outside, Feldhousen said the woman jumped on the hood of his car and didn’t get off until he threatened to call police and have her arrested for assault.

    Under cross-examination, Feldhousen admitted he never called police or otherwise reported the incident. The defense offered no documentation of Feldhousen’s injuries other than the ripped pajamas.

    The woman has previously testified that Feldhousen attacked her as she tried to kiss him goodnight.

    “”He screamed in my face,”” she said. “”He screamed, ‘No. Get away form me.’ “”

    Then the woman said Feldhousen grabbed her and hurled her into a wooden dresser.

    “”He grabbed me and slammed me on the bed,”” she told the jury. “”As I was pushing with my hands on the bed, he grabbed my body and threw me into the dresser at the end of my bed.””

    After hitting the dresser, she said Feldhousen hurled her into a second piece of furniture.

    “”I was trying to get off the floor (after hitting the dresser),”” she said. “”I grabbed Mark by his pajamas and they started to rip. As I started to stand up I was slammed into the other dresser (in her bedroom). Then I was hit again. I dropped to my knees.””

    The woman suffered bruises on her face, arms, back and legs. She also suffered a concussion and a ruptured eardrum.

    After the attack, the woman said Feldhousen left the bedroom and went to the dining room of the home. She told him he “”needs to leave my house”” and he did.

    Western New York native, who had lived for awhile in Florida and had family there, the woman said she left the Falls and traveled to Kissimmee, Fla. in the days after the attack. While in Kissimmee, she reported the attack to police there.

    The case is expected to head to the jury some time on Monday.

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