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    U.S. Representatives (District 8)

    Gabrielle Giffords
    Illegal immigration: Would impose tough employer sanctions for those who employ workers who have entered the country illegally. Supports a path to citizenship for otherwise law-abiding, undocumented workers who have been working here for years, own up to their responsibilities as new citizens.

    Education: Would shrink class sizes by hiring 100,000 new teachers nationally. Wants teacher training and incentives to bring the best skills into the classroom. Would offer computer access for every public school student.

    Taxes: Opposes any Congressional pay raises until the budget is balanced. Would root government waste out of the budget.

    Abortion: Would protect a woman’s right to choose and ensure access to reproductive health and family planning services.

    Employment: Would raise the minimum wage. Would bring jobs back to Arizona. Would use the considerable infrastructure at the UA, Arizona State University and Northern Arizona University to encourage technological innovation. Would support teachers with computer training.

    Randy Graf

    Illegal immigration: Has zero tolerance of illegal entry. Would expand Border Patrol and equipment. Would construct additional fences/walls to assist the Border Patrol with its job.

    Education: Would allow parents to choose which school they believe is best.

    Taxes: Would shrink the federal government to cut wasteful spending and reduce the national debt. (4) Supportsÿlegislation that protects the unborn and elderly from those who seek to devalue life.

    Abortion: No opinion on record.

    David Nolan

    Illegal immigration: Would make it easier for anyone who has no criminal record or communicable diseases to enter the U.S. for any legitimate purpose, while denying entry to those who would do us harm.

    Education: Would allow teachers and professionals to receive authorization and funding to establish charter schools. Supports federal tax incentives to help families save for college.

    Taxes: Would eliminate income, capital gains and inheritance taxes.

    Abortion: Would prohibit public funding for abortions and organizations that advocate or perform abortions.

    Employment: Would encourage employers to offer flex-time scheduling, comp-time and unpaid leave for family emergencies. Would eliminate all federal programs designed to reduce unemployment. Would include sexual orientation in federal anti-discrimination laws.

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