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    Campus ‘Cats: Exchange student loves karaoke

    How long will you be studying at the U A?
    I will be here for a whole year. Maybe I will get my degree here though.

    Being from China, what do you like about going to school at the U A?
    I am from Beijing and it is always cloudy. There are blue skies here. I really like the sunshine and I think I work better because of the weather. I think this school is great.

    What is the biggest difference between the campus in Beijing and the campus here?
    In Beijing we do not have so many trees or grass. The grass in Beijing is more for scenery and not for walking on. You might get a ticket if you walk on the grass. I can also choose the courses that I want to take. In Beijing we can not choose courses so freely. I like choosing the classes I want to take and having more freedom to do so.

    What do you like to do for fun in your free time?
    I like to sing songs. In China, we have karaoke. Lot of students spend their free time singing karaoke. You can rent a room and sing karaoke. It is not so expensive, so students can afford it. In America, there are not so many places like this. There are lots of pubs here, but I am not a party animal. I really like watching cartoons though.

    What is your favorite restaurant in Tucson?
    My favorite restaurant is Boston Market. I like their sandwiches. When I first arrived here every sandwich I have had is cold. I do not like cold food, because in China we only eat hot food. I first had something hot at Boston Market. Their sandwich is cooked and it is really delicious. I think their macaroni and cheese is really tasty too.

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