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    Police Beat September 5

    Lost in Wildcat country

    A student from Arizona State University was arrested, cited and released for minor in possession in body on Monday, after he was found passed out in the bushes near the Modern Languages building at approximately 6:21 a.m.

    Both a sergeant and officer from the University of Arizona Police Department found the student, and was able to wake him. The student had a driver’s license and Arizona State University student identification card but was unable to provide any more information.

    The officer called UA student emergency medical services to check on the student, but he was still unable to provide additional information, and thought that he was in Tempe.

    The officer then contacted the Tucson Fire Department to evaluate the student’s condition, and it was determined he did not need to be transported for further medical care.

    The student had a strong odor of alcohol on his breath, bloodshot and watery eyes, slurred speech and was incoherent. He admitted to drinking vodka at an unknown location.

    He was arrested, cited and released for minor in possession in body, and transported to a sorority house to meet up with friends.

    One shot, two shot, three shot, toilet

    A UA student was arrested and transported to University of Arizona Medical Center Monday night, after a UAPD officer was dispatched to a residence hall in reference to an intoxicated person bent over a toilet at approximately 9:30 p.m.

    When the officer arrived to the residence hall, student emergency medical services were already on scene evaluating the student in the restroom.

    Tucson Fire Department arrived at the same time as the officer.

    The officer was provided with the student’s driver’s license, before medical personnel brought the student out of the restroom and into a dorm room, where the student continued to lean over a small trash bin.

    The student stated that he had “at least seven shots,” though he did not know where he came from and said he woke up with medical personnel surrounding him in the restroom.

    The officer noted that the student had bloodshot and watery eyes, smelled of alcohol, slurred
    his speech, had a staggering gait and rambling speech.

    The student was able to recover slightly after vomiting and staggered down the hallway to the elevators. The officer advised the student he was being arrested and he was able to sign his citation for an underage person with alcohol in body. The student was taken to UAMC.

    Flirting with theft

    A UA student was reported to the Dean of Students and temporarily excluded from all UA bookstores on Thursday, after he had a forgot to pay for a book.

    A UA bookstore employee contacted UAPD at approximately 4:05 p.m. to report the student.

    Upon arriving to the scene, an officer spoke with the employee and read the student his Miranda rights. The student told the officer he was called by the bookstore and advised that a book he had ordered had come in. He said he waited in line to pick up his book, and began speaking with a girl while he was walking back upstairs. He said he got distracted, had a brain lapse and forgot to pay.

    The officer contacted security, reviewed the video and observed that the student made no attempt to hide or conceal the book. While reviewing the video, the security team told the officer they believed the student was “flirting with a girl and just got distracted and forgot to pay for the book prior to leaving.”

    The student was advised that it appeared he did not have the intent to steal the book, and it seemed he had a lapse in memory.

    The student also had the funds to pay for the book in his wallet.

    The employee explained to the student the policy of the bookstore to report the incident to the Dean of Students, and temporarily exclude him from all UA bookstores.

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