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Police Beat: February 27

Smoke a bowl in the Highland Bowl

A UA student was cited for possession of drug paraphernalia on Monday around 1 a.m.

A University of Arizona Police Department officer who was out of uniform noticed two students passing a marijuana joint back and forth near the grassy area next to the UA Campus Health Center. After calling for backup, the officer approached the students.

The students were informed of their rights, identified and then interviewed separately about the marijuana.

The first student admitted that there had been marijuana in his joint, but said that there was none left. When asked where he had gotten the marijuana, he said, “I got it from a friend. Just a friend.”

He also told the officer that he had a pipe in his room and said, “I used it to smoke weed like two weeks ago.”

Because of this information, an officer asked the student to take him to his room and relinquish the smoking pipe, which had visible residue of burnt marijuana.

The second student told the officer that it was not his weed but his friend’s, and he was not in possession of any marijuana himself.

Both students admitted to receiving diversion before. The student and his friend were referred to the Dean of Students Office.

Blaming the roommate

A UA student was cited for possession of drug paraphernalia and marijuana at about 2:30 p.m.

After smelling marijuana coming out of a room in Pueblo de la Cienega Residence Hall, a resident assistant contacted UAPD. Two officers then arrived and knocked on the door.

The student living in that room opened the door, looking as if he had just woken up. The student was not cooperative and claimed that he was sick. He said there wasn’t any marijuana in his room and that he could not smell it. He said that the officers could search his room, but only after he made sure that his roommate’s belongings were on the other side.

After saying this, the student placed a backpack on his roommate’s bed, saying that the bag was his roommate’s. The student claimed he did not know what was in the backpack, but he was very adamant that it was not his. He then stepped into the hall to call his roommate and his lawyer.

However, once the student called his roommate, one of the officers got on the phone with him. The roommate said that the backpack was not his but the first student’s. The first student then confessed to owning the backpack and the marijuana inside of it.

The officers searched the bag, which contained three plastic baggies full of marijuana. The total amount of marijuana inside the bags was 35.2 grams. After the substance tested positive for marijuana, it was placed into UAPD property and evidence.

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