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    Mailbag: Oct. 31

    No room for anti-abortion propaganda in newspapers

    In response to the Oct. 26 issue of the Daily Wildcat:

    I was quite surprised at the anti-abortion pamphlet that was distributed inside the Oct. 26 issue of the Daily Wildcat. From its misleading cover to its back page, the pamphlet was full of misinformation, misused statistics and various forms of propagandizing with little factual content. Why would a purported provider of news and reporting, like the Daily Wildcat, support such an irresponsible publication? I understand that the Wildcat is supported by advertisers, but enabling the distribution of such a manipulative piece of propaganda is ridiculous and disgusting.

    — Susan Pollard

    Hear them out before you denounce them

    In response to the Oct. 26 issue of the Daily Wildcat:

    Regardless of possible scholarly deviance, as contended by a previous contributor to the Mailbag, the Oct. 26 pro-life supplement should be taken seriously. Unless you agree with Nietzsche and believe a cause to be hallowed by the merit of the war waged on its behalf, please don’t allow the tactics of the authors to deter you from the good they claim to represent. It’s childish to demand someone convince you, and refuse to consider the propositions distinguished from the advocates. Such games may be played in class, although I won’t contend some of those involved in the life/choice debate are above further schooling. But let’s dispense with the competitive attitude and as individuals assume responsibility for the entirety of the arguments.

    — Aaron Johansen

    You should pay for your education, not me

    In response to “Debt hurts student’s ability to grow up” (Oct. 27 issue):

    Nice to see you honing your journalism skills while still in school. Do you think you should be “relieved“ of your student loan debt with government taxpayer monies? Is that fair for those that have worked their tails off during those same four years and you tell them they have to help pay for your education? I guess the “1 percent-ers” at all the “occupy” demonstration sites forgot to ask the “66 percent-ers” (in your article that thought they should pay back their loans) if it would be okay to include them in the 1 percent that demand a free education.

    By the way, nothing is free because someone, somewhere, is paying for those who have their hand out.

    If you really want to do a human interest story go to a grocery store in your area that is known for “food stamp/card” usage and see if they are English-speaking or how many kids they have or what they are driving. Then you may want to go to a local social services center and again observe age, number of kids, what they are receiving funds for, what they’re driving etc. and I’ll venture a guess your perspective will change dramatically. Mine certainly has and I live in a predominantly white “region.” It’s not just Latino or black, as there are plenty of whites on the “Government Gravy Train” too. Check it out, as you can never have too much perspective. I look forward to your follow-up article.

    Remember: Perspective is what you’re being fed. Insight is perspective that’s been digested over time with an adequate amount of seasoning in the form of researched facts and life’s experiences.
    Good luck in “gaining perspective” and be wary of those professors whom have an “agenda.”

    — Roger Fife

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