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    No need to pay for more security

    In response to Kevin Tran’s concern about the inadequate security around campus (“”Inadequate security needs more attention”” yesterday), I think that there is a way to solve this problem without raising tuition costs. Right now, it seems as if the primary mission of the University of Arizona Police Department is to “”crack down”” on such heinous and offensive crimes as pot smoking and underage drinking and to break up parties. In other words, they function as a sort of “”fun police,”” while legitimate crimes that actually violate peoples’ human rights go relatively unnoticed. While I am aware that the university is making bank from these citations, I believe that our safety and security should be their first priority (it does say “”to protect and serve”” on the sides of their cars). I firmly believe that if the UAPD decided to focus more on the job that we pay them to do, and less on making financial victims of the very people they are supposed to protect, safety and security could be accomplished.

    Aaron J. Spreiser
    undeclared freshman

    Excellent advice on choosing a major

    I just wanted to congratulate Laura Donovan on her excellent article (“”Mind Your Own Major”” yesterday). It is excellent information and wonderfully said. Many of us who work with students in academic advising or career counseling try to encourage students to think very broadly about their major and career choices. Thank you for encouraging students to choose what they enjoy.

    Lizzie Schloss
    Associate Director, Career Services
    former BFA in theatre

    PTS will ‘meet the demand’ for parking

    I read with interest your editorial “”Priced out of parking”” (2/26). I appreciate your support in reporting the changes that are taking place in parking in 2008-2009. There were, however, a few inaccuracies reported about the supply of parking spaces on the UA campus and you also referred to an interview with me that did not take place as quoted in your paper.

    “”PTS has lost a total of 2,723 spaces over the past eight years.”” This is half the story. During the same period Parking and Transportation Services created new spaces for campus parking: 2,097 new surface lot spaces constructed at a cost of $2.1 million and 5,050 new garage spaces constructed at a cost of $52.3 million.

    As the campus population continues to increase and surface parking is displaced by new building construction, PTS will develop new parking to meet the demand. PTS is currently investigating the construction of a new parking garage to serve the southern half of campus. The cost of this facility is being budgeted at $16,000 per space.

    But there are other solutions to the parking dilemma. PTS is also working to develop additional off campus park-and-ride lots as a less expensive alternative, working with the city of Tucson to improve Sun Tran bus service as it relates to the campus, and has developed alternative programs such as carpool, vanpool and CatTran shuttles. Through the development of incentives for alternative transportation programs, PTS plans to reduce the number of single occupancy vehicles on campus.

    PTS is balancing the needs of the campus through supplying parking and investing in our planet through decreasing emissions and traffic congestion. Last year, the UA community saved 16.8 million automobile miles to campus and 16.9 million pounds of greenhouse gases emitted into our atmosphere through all of the PTS alternative transportation programs combined. Alternative transportation is more than just “”trendy, green and easy.”” It is the mode that is used to make 44 percent of the trips to campus. Helping improve the environment is up to all of us.

    For more information about “”What it costs for parking”” and “”alternative transportation program costs”” please visit our web site at I look forward to assisting you with your parking and transportation needs. Please feel free to contact PTS to get the information necessary to report to the campus community.

    Patrick Kass
    Director, Parking and Transportation Services

    Editor’s note: Figures in the 2/26 editorial, “”Priced out of parking”” were based on those presented by PTS Director Patrick Kass at a Feb. 12 meeting and reported in the 2/19 Wildcat article “”UA to lose 1000 parking spaces by fall.””

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