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    Police Beat: Feb. 17

    Police chief spots mischief

    The chief of the University of Arizona Police Department was driving back to the department’s headquarters on Feb. 10 when he saw a student riding his bike and gripping the back end of a university maintenance truck on Cherry Avenue. The chief called in the incident and advised an officer to pull the truck and student over. The officer told the truck driver that there was a student holding onto it. The employee told the student, “Get off my truck.” The student responded, “Fuck off.”

    The officer then pulled over the student, who became argumentative and asked what was wrong. The officer told the student that he was not allowed to hold onto the truck, especially with no protective gear. The student replied that he had a hurt ankle and couldn’t bike well. The officer noted that nothing seemed to be wrong with his ankle.

    The chief arrived and walked up to the officer and the student. The student looked at him and said, “Who are you?” The chief introduced himself and said he was the original officer who saw him holding onto the truck. The officer then asked the student if he knew what the Code of Conduct was, and the student replied, “Of course I know what the Code of Conduct is, I am a senior.”

    The officer told the student that he did not like his behavior and would be issued a citation for it, as well as for clinging to a moving vehicle. The officer wrote up the citation and the student refused to sign it, saying, “I have no time for this and the court date so I will just pay the fine.”

    Loves cats, hates abortion

    A student called the UAPD on Tuesday afternoon to report harassing text messages, possibly from an ex-boyfriend. UAPD officers met with the woman at the Modern Language building. She showed the police the text messages, which said, “First, nice cat by the way; I hope you don’t like it too much. Second, your parents live in a dump, how did you bother to get a Mustang, and thirdly, my crew don’t like pro-abortion, child-killin’ fuckers like you with your lesbo ass sister!”

    She told the police that the person who wrote her these messages knows a lot about her and she thinks it is her ex-boyfriend, whom she broke up with last November. She said she had tried to file a restraining order on him but police officers told her it was never finished. They told her to file another restraining order with UAPD. They asked her if she had personal contact with him and she said no, they have a class together but sit on opposite sides and do not speak to each other. Police are trying to trace the number that the message came from.

    Credit card fraud from across the pond

    On Tuesday, a UA employee reported fraudulent charges on his university credit card to the UAPD. He told the police that Chase bank called his office about suspicious charges, totaling $28 to Skype. The employee told the bank that he had not made the purchases and the card is only for university purchases. The bank refunded his money and told the employee to inform the UA as well as the police department. Police officers were able to find that an individual in Great Britain had made the credit card purchase, but were unable to trace the purchase back to a specific person. Chase is looking into the incident further.

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