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    O- Your views

    In response to “Editiorial: For truly open dialogue on Chick-fil-A, don’t be chicken:” (Sept. 4):
    Let’s be real here- writing for the Daily Wildcat does not make you all journalists. You’re students majoring in journalism or a related field. Big BIG difference.
    — Lana

    In response to “District on 5th’s early-semester parties prompt neighborhood outcry” (Sept. 5):
    Everyone knows, or should know, that student housing is always a problem. They want to be treated as adults but still want to act 16 and complain about it when the rules come down. It’s like a poorly ran daycare center at best. “They didn’t say anything like, ‘Hey, be quiet. We have neighbors. Don’t be so crazy.’”… it’s called common sense, hopefully ur taking a course in it.
    — Jdub

    In response to “The Four Levels of Watching TV With Your Girlfriend” (Aug. 31):
    I definitely disagree that women watch shows like “Teen Mom” or “Toddlers and Tiaras” to feel better about their own lives. It is cheap entertainment that television is plagued with these days. People, not just women, watch it because nearly everything on TV is some version of a reality show. The shows that one might say are typically more masculine such as “Gold Rush,” “American Pickers,” or “American Hoggers,” are no better, and yet no one is saying that guys watch these shows to feel better about themselves for not being poor miners or farmers. Television entertainment is pretty bad at the present, but it is the type of person, not the gender, that chooses to watch these shows.
    — Becca

    In response to “UA’s PTS director seeks seat as Pima County sheriff” (Sept. 3):
    Napier should do his homework. The Pima County Sheriff Department under the leadership of Sheriff Dupnik is second to none. The PCSD has been aggressively involved in community based policing for over 15 years and border crime enforcement for the past six years, having created the first Border Crime Unit in the nation and developed a model for border crime enforcement. As far as managing a budget, the PCSD maintained operations without furloughs continued to support its employees with the best equipment and training in one of the worst times of economic crisis.
    — Christ Raftke

    In response to “In or out of context, anti-Arab comments have no place in political office” (Sep. 3):
    Semantics are everything.
    Truth be told it IS the Qur’an that insists that Muslims treat non-Muslims as second class citizens. These are not my words, nor the words of any politician, but are the words of Islam.
    Furthermore it is Islam’s prophet, Mohammed, who treated non-Muslims with complete disregard. This is NOT subject to interpretation as the Qur’an and Hadiths make this abundantly clear. His rape, enslavement, thievery and murder of non-Muslims can easily be found in Islamic holy books. Again these are not my words, but are the words of Islam.
    So if to speak the truth about Islam is now a sin than it is clear our respect for the truth takes second fiddle to being PC. Seems like a shame and a cowardly act, IMO.
    — Arafat

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