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    Fast Quiz

    1. In ancient Rome, what would a man swear on if he testified in court?

    2. What does ZIP in “”ZIP code”” stand for?

    3. At any time, what percent of the world’s population is drunk?

    4. How many eyelids does a camel have?

    5. What country has a bill of rights for cows?

    6. What condiment was sold as medicine in the 1830s?

    7. How fast does the average raindrop fall?

    8. How can you avoid sinking when in quicksand?

    1. His testicles. 2. Zoning Improvement Plan. 3. 0.7 percent. 4. Three. 5. India. 6. Ketchup. 7. Seven miles per hour. 8. Lie on your back and raise your legs slowly.

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