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    Police Beat: April 27

    The disappearing fire extinguisher

    A University of Arizona Police Department officer arrived to the Pueblo de la Cienaga Residence Hall on April 20 at 12:14 a.m. after a resident assistant reported a theft from the dorm.

    The RA told the officer that he was performing his security rounds at midnight. when he saw a fire extinguisher cabinet on the third floor was open and the charged fire extinguisher inside was missing.

    He had done a security round at 10 p.m. and reported that the cabinet had been closed and the extinguisher was inside.

    The officer did not see any damage done to the cabinet lock and assumed the door had been jerked open because the lock was a plastic tab.

    The officer searched the hall area, but was unable to find the fire extinguisher or anyone who may have taken it.

    UA Fire Safety was notified of the theft and a replacement fire extinguisher was requested.

    A victim’s rights form was forwarded to UA Risk Management. There are no suspects or witnesses.

    Sweet shade stealer

    A UAPD officer arrived to the UofA Bookstore on Wednesday at 10:24 a.m., after bookstore security reported that they had a shoplifter in custody.

    A bookstore loss prevention employee told the officer that the man had been cooperative and he was being kept in one of the conference rooms.

    The officer asked the man to explain what happened and he said that he needed a pair of sunglasses, but only had $7 in his bank account.

    The man decided to take the sunglasses and put them into his backpack without paying.

    Bookstore security confirmed that the man was seen on security video as stealing the glasses.

    The man was cited and released for shoplifting. He was warned that if he returned to the bookstore he would be arrested for trespassing.

    A receipt for the glasses and the security video were placed into UAPD property as evidence.

    A Code of Conduct referral was completed for the man.

    Slow mover so busted for DUI

    A UAPD officer was on patrol on Wednesday at 11:10 p.m. when he performed a traffic stop at First Street and Euclid Avenue.

    The officer noticed a gray 2010 Chevrolet Impala stopped at a stop sign at the intersection. The car started to move through the intersection, but then abruptly stopped. When traffic cleared, the car made a left-hand turn in a right-turn-only lane.

    The officer pulled the car over at the intersection of Second Street and Euclid Avenue.

    When the man rolled his window down, the officer could immediately smell a strong amount of alcohol coming from inside the car.

    The officer asked the man for license, registration and insurance. The man reached for his wallet very slowly and when he opened it, he stared into it for a while even though his license was in the front part.

    The man handed the officer his license and when he was asked again for registration and insurance, he told the officer that it was a rental car and he only had the rental contract.

    He managed to find the contract in the side compartment of the door and drop it before handing it to the officer.

    The officer asked the man if he had been drinking and he said that he was drinking at a restaurant with some friends.

    The officer called an additional UAPD officer to perform a DUI test.

    When the officer arrived, he had the man step out of the car. When he tried to get out, he had to move very slowly and use parts of the car to pull himself out.

    The man agreed to do a breathalyzer test. The test showed he had a blood alcohol level of 0.107.

    The man was arrested, transported and booked into Pima County Jail for impairment of the slightest degree and driving with a BAC above 0.08.

    Man steals spray, squirts security

    A UAPD officer arrived to the area near the Civil Engineering building at 1209 E. Second St. on Wednesday at 4:16 p.m. after dispatch reported that a shoplifter was running from UofA Bookstore security.

    The man was described as wearing a gray polo shirt and white swim shorts. He was running south on the east side of the building and had reportedly sprayed pepper spray at two security officers.

    When the UAPD officer went around the east corner of the building, he ran into a man matching a description and saw the security running behind him.

    The officer grabbed hold of the man’s left hand to control it and noticed the can of pepper spray in the man’s right hand.

    The officer yelled for the man to drop the spray and with a closed fist hit the man’s hand holding the can so he would let go of it.

    The man then tried freeing himself of the officer and was struggling to get away.

    The officer then directed the man to the ground. Once on the ground, the man started to cooperate with the officer.

    A records check of the man showed he had been previously arrested for trespassing and fleeing from UA library staff.

    One of the bookstore security officers had red, watery eyes and told the officer that he and the other officer had been sprayed in the face with the pepper spray.

    Security told the officer that they had seen the man shoplift a pair of shorts and a can of pepper spray. They then chased him through the Civil Engineering building.

    While the man was running, the security officers noticed that he was opening the plastic package that had the spray in it.

    When they followed him onto the stairwell, the man turned around and sprayed them in the face.

    The man refused to answer any questions and was then arrested for two counts of shoplifting, two counts of assault and criminal damage.

    The man was transported to and booked into Pima County Jail.


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