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    “”My old manager and I wound up falling out over a Whopper sandwich. Manager dude was going to Burger King, and he didn’t ask me if I wanted anything to eat, knowing I had no money. I didn’t have a dollar in my f—–g pocket. At that point I said, F— it, you know? What kind of a f—–g manager are you?””
    – from rapper Eminem’s new memoir, The Way I Am, quoted on, Oct. 21

    “”Had he not done what he did, he probably would have been dead right now.””
    – Sgt. Fabian Pacheco on 23-year-old UA student who shot and killed two men who tried to break into his house, quoted in The Daily Wildcat,
    Oct. 17

    “”I’m also troubled by, not what Senator McCain says, but what members of the party say, and it is permitted to be said. Such things as ‘Well, you know that Mr. Obama is a Muslim.’ Well the correct answer is ‘He is not a Muslim, he’s a Christian, he’s always been a Christian.’ But the really right answer is ‘What if he is? Is there something wrong with being a Muslim in this country?’ The answer is ‘No. That’s not America.’ Is there something wrong with some 7-year-old Muslim-American kid believing that he or she can be president?””
    – former Secretary of State Colin Powell, “”Meet the Press,”” Oct. 20

    “”I just can’t spend time thinking about it.””
    – Barack Obama, asked whether he ever
    worries for his life on the campaign trail,
    Oct. 21

    “”Liberals hate real Americans that work and accomplish and achieve and believe in God.””
    – Rep. Robin Hayes, R-N.C., Oct. 18

    “”I think she could have her own show, yeah. … She gave a great performance.””
    – Lorne Michaels on Sarah Palin’s appearance on “”Saturday Night Live,”” Oct. 21

    “”I don’t think it’s right to put the chief law enforcement officer pointing guns at kids and females.””
    – Sheriff Joe Arpaio after seeing pictures of cutouts of figures that resembled him and Border Patrol Office Nicholas Corbett pointing
    guns at suspects, Oct. 21

    “”There is nothing I’d like more than for the GOP to rediscover the optimism that was so magnificently embodied in Ronald Reagan, the greatest president of the twentieth century. (Doesn’t it tell you something, by the way, that Obama speaks more warmly of the Gipper than McCain does?) But the party is sliding away from that tradition. It is becoming, as in pre-Goldwater days, a party of crony capitalism and big federal government, of steel tariffs and federal rules on same-sex marriage, of budget increases and bank nationalisations.
    – Daniel Hannan, “”Conservatives for Barack Obama are everywhere,””,
    Oct. 21

    “”This president, the next president, is gonna be left with the most significant task. It’s like cleaning the Augean stables, man.””
    – Sen. Joe Biden, D-Del., Oct. 19

    “”I think the president has well established that.””
    – White House Press Secretary Dana Perino, asked who President Bush was planning
    to vote for, Oct. 21

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