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    Web site of the Month:

    According to the web-comic “”XKCD,”” rule 34 of the Internet states, “”If you can imagine it, there’s porn of it.”” Upon noticing there wasn’t porn for people playing electric guitar in the shower, “”XKCD”” creator Randall Munroe created, a Web site featuring people playing electric guitars in the shower.

    This is more a social experiment than anything, but the Wildcat arts desk would like to encourage readers to send in their own submissions to, because the only thing cooler than pictures of other people playing the electric guitar in the shower is a picture of yourself playing the electric guitar in the shower.

    Holy Crap: U2 in church

    Since their formation in 1976, U2 has gone on to achieve some miraculous feats. It’s amazing that in just 30 years one band has triggered the fall of the Berlin Wall, ended world hunger, cracked the human genome and played the halftime show at Super Bowl XXXVI. Yes, it might even be said that Bono is God (and I’m sure the thought has passed through his head on more than one occasion). So how could Bono and his sleazy, I-turn-rebellion-into-money, faux attitude blur the line between religion and crappy music even more?

    If you’re one of the five people in town who still listens to the radio, you may have heard Tucson’s Christ King Church advertising services backed by the music of U2. Now you can jam to tunes like “”Zooropa,”” “”Vertigo”” and “”Mofo”” in the name of God (let’s see if Bono can find a pair of glasses big enough to fit around his head after he hears about this). I don’t know why people think this is a good idea; statistically speaking, 99.7 percent of anything involving U2’s music opens a portal to hell.

    Baby melee

    Raising a baby is a huge responsibility. Changing diapers, sleepless nights and nurturing an infant might be difficult, but parents must refrain from using their newborn as a melee weapon. Parents like Chytoria Graham, 28, of Erie, Penn., who, after her boyfriend returned home from drinking, got into a fight and used her baby to club him. Upon receiving a mandatory five-year sentence, Graham retracted into the fetal position on the courtroom floor and cried, “”Oh my God. No, no, no.””

    What has our society come to when the objects we’re supposed to love and nurture are used to assault others? It should be inherent to our nature not to use infants as a melee weapon. I mean, at least have some class and wait until they’re toddlers.

    Lost in Space: Aliens (no, no, the real ones)

    Don’t believe in extraterrestrial life? Well, Edgar Mitchell does. The 77-year-old kook claims that thousands of UFOs have visited earth since the 1940s and that insiders stopped briefing the president after John F. Kennedy. “”A few insiders know the truth …and are studying the bodies that have been discovered,”” Mitchell said in a 2004 interview.

    What would this crazy old man know about aliens?

    Well, it turns out Mitchell has a Doctor of Science degree from MIT and honorary doctorates from Carnegie Mellon University and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Oh, and then there’s the fact he worked for NASA for eight years and was the sixth man to walk on the moon.

    But aliens don’t exist of course, that wouldn’t make any sense. …Hey, has anybody seen my tinfoil hat around?

    Random Review: Enemybook

    Let’s face it, most Facebook applications are lame – seriously, the Zombie thing started wearing thin after about five minutes. Most of the apps do something Facebook already does, or are a pointless waist of time.

    Enter Enemybook. The new Facebook app allows a user to create a list of enemies, describe why they hate them and even notify their enemies as to why they suck. The site touts, “”Finally you can remedy the one-sided perspective of Facebook.”” Features also include the ability to befriend the enemy of your enemy. Sun Tzu would be happy.

    For allowing Facebook users to tell it like it is, Enemybook gets a thumbs up.

    Quote of the Week

    “”Because the whole idea, man, is subversion. You want subversion on a massive level. You know what one of the greatest scripts ever written in the history of Hollywood is? ‘Top Gun.’ ‘Top Gun’ is fucking great. What is ‘Top Gun?’ You think it’s a story of a bunch of fighter pilots. … No, it is a story about a man’s struggle with his own homosexuality.””

    – Quentin Tarantino, in 1994’s “”Sleep With Me””

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