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    TV NUT: Week in Review

    Monday – 1/25

    ‘Chuck’ (NBC)

    If you’re not watching “”Chuck,”” you’re missing out. The third season has flipped the series on its side, giving its hero, the geeky Chuck Bartowski, the fighting skills of a real spy. The only problem is that Chuck can’t seem to get a grasp on the spy mindset and fend off his emotions. In this episode, Chuck was sent on his first solo spy mission. And of course, his mixture of skill and unwanted emotion got him into trouble. Cue hilarious fight scenes. The series is silly, but it’s one of the few shows on television that successfully merges humor, drama and action into an hour of pure enjoyment. Watch full episodes on

    Grade: A-


    Tuesday – 1/26

    ‘Millionaire Matchmaker’ (Bravo)

    Why watch this? Millionaire matchmaker Patti Stanger is one of the most irritating individuals on American television. Yet, after a long day of school and work, I flip through the channels and land on Bravo. “”Millionaire Matchmaker”” is on. I say to myself, “”No. I will not watch this.””  An hour later, I’m pulling out my hair, angry at the millionaire for not realizing the potential in his lovely date. Damn you, Bravo, for creating such mindless yet addictive television. If you dare, watch full episodes at

    Grade: C


    Wednesday – 1/27

    ‘Leverage’ (TNT)

    Nate Ford and his “”Robin Hood”” crew of con artists travel to Kiev to rescue Nate’s ex-wife, Maggie. They receive unexpected help from Nate’s long-time nemesis, Sterling. The second half of the show’s second season is proving to be far better than the first half. Nate is starting to revert to his alcoholic ways, and the writers are bringing back fan favorites like Sterling and Maggie. Still, the show would benefit from more development of its supporting characters. Watch full episodes on

    Grady: C+


    Thursday – 1/28

    ‘America’s Best Dance Crew’ (MTV)

    Don’t judge me. I have a secret desire to become a break dancer. The show kicked off its fifth season on Thursday with five dance crews from the South. Out of the five, only three could move on to the big competition. Moving on are “”Crankin'”” style dancers Jungle Boogie, persistent preppies Royal Flush and smooth street dancers Swagger Crew. Watch the premiere on

    Grade: B-


    Friday – 1/29

    ‘I Shouldn’t Be Alive’ (Animal Planet)

    After three seasons in 2007, the Discovery Channel cancelled this documentary series, but Animal Planet recently brought back the show for a fourth season. The show tells stories of harrowing near-death experiences from the firsthand accounts of survivors. This episode followed the story of a couple struggling for their lives while stranded in the San Jacinto Mountains for four days. Learn more at

    Grade: B+


    Saturday – 1/30

    ‘Saturday Night Live’ (NBC)

    Guest: Jon Hamm

    Musical Guest: Michael Bublé

    I’ve come to accept that “”Saturday Night Live”” will never reclaim the glory it once held in the 80s and 90s. The last few years of the show have been full of humorless, irrelevant references, and the only entity holding the show together is Andy Samberg and his Lonely Island crew. But when I heard that Jon Hamm (“”Mad Men””) was coming back to host for the second time, I saw a tiny glimmer of hope. And I was not entirely disappointed. Hamm has the look of a natural dramatic actor, but he’s well trained in comedy. The “”SNL”” writers used this to their advantage this week, basing most of the sketches on Hamm’s gorgeousness, but he is willing to go to ridiculous feats to win over an audience. And it worked. The highlight of the night was, as usual, the “”SNL”” Digital Short. After a businessman (Samberg) is cursed by a homeless man on the street, the businessman must endure a greased-up saxophonist named Sergio (Hamm) popping up and stealing the attention of onlookers during random moments in his daily life. Strange perfection. If you missed it, you can watch full “”SNL”” episodes on

    Grade: B


    Sunday – 1/31

    ‘Worst Cooks in America’ (Food Network)

    The basic premise of this competition-based reality show is exactly what the title says. Twelve of America’s most hopeless cooks, submitted by their family and friends, compete in elimination cooking challenges. Along the way, they receive training from two celebrity chefs in a culinary boot camp. In this episode, the competition boiled down to four competitors: the blubbering “”I love my wife”” guy, Eddie; the blonde dance teacher, Jen; the gothic waitress, Jenny; and Rachel, who is the live action version of Marcy from “”The Peanuts.”” When this show debuted a few weeks ago, it had guinea pig written all over it. The number of competitors only allowed for a short run (the finale aired on Monday, announcing Rachel as the winner), and the show still hadn’t found its legs. But trust me when I say this: “”Worst Cooks in America”” is a gem. The show has accomplished what many reality competition shows never do: character development. Whoever cast this show is a mad genius. I would pay money to watch Rachel go about her daily life — she’s that interesting. Hopefully, Food Network sees the promise in this series and brings it back for a much deserved, longer second season.  Watch clips of the show on

    Grade: A-

    — Katie Gault


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