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    Comic removal ‘ridiculous’

    I think it is ridiculous that the Daily Wildcat removed the “”No Relation”” comic. Everyone has the right to their own opinion and I can understand why some readers found the comic offensive; however, that does not mean that the newspaper should ignore the audience that enjoyed the comic. Frankly, the people who protested this comic strip were taking it too literally. If one cannot learn to laugh at themselves, they have more things to worry about than the subject matter of a comic strip. Also, the Daily Wildcat never mentioned in any article the reason why it no longer appeared on the back page with the rest of the comics. It disappeared, in a Big Brother-like manner. I am requesting that it be brought back on behalf of all readers that enjoyed its politically incorrect humor.

    -Lucie Parks
    voice performance sophomore

    GOP homophobia ‘baseless’

    In yesterday’s Mailbag, Joel Schooster asked how “”social conservatives”” are “”ANY DIFFERENT”” from the Talibanð – who apparently want to see “”gays and lesbians put on an island and nuked.”” Aside from the fact that publishing that kind of libel would have once been considered below the Wildcat editorial staff, it is both fallacious and offensive.

    If editors would have read their own requirements for submitted letters, they would have realized that Schooster’s use of the term “”bastards”” to describe Republicans constitutes a personal attack and thus is not worthy of publication.

    Still, Schooster misses the point: Republicans care less than he thinks about Craig’s sexuality. It was the fact that he was soliciting sex in a public bathroom that was so unbelievably shameless, and obviously illegal.

    Democrats’ accusations of homophobia on the part of the GOP are baseless and typical of the shrill demagoguery for which Joel Schooster’s letters are known. Tucson Republicans supported Jim Kolbe, a gay congressman, for years, Joel. Ask him how he feels about us Republican homophobes.

    -David Francis
    business management junior

    Theatre arts majors not idiots

    In response to Sarah Devlin’s article (“”Undergraduates confuse schooling and education,”” Monday) I am outraged. She managed to squeeze a horribly insulting remark about theatre majors into an article that doesn’t relate to theatre at all. She said, “”Everyone knows that idiots major in theatre arts.””

    As a theatre arts major, I wonder why Sarah Devlin felt the need to make this remark. I am a senior this year, and even though I have spent my time in many different majors, I have spent all of my time at the UA in the College of Fine Arts. I am very sick of everyone at this university disrespecting the Fine Arts section of campus, even students with liberal arts degrees like Ms. Devlin. The common misconception about theatre arts is that we are all actors who lack intelligence and the ability to do anything else. Does anyone really know what theatre arts majors study?

    The theatre department at the UA is one of the top programs in the country and we produce not only six main stage productions a year, but small workshops and one-act festivals that are more experimental and non-traditional. There are B.F.A. acting majors, musical theatre majors, technology and design majors, theatre education majors, dramaturgy and theatre history majors, as well as many people who are pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in theatre arts.

    I know people in the department who write plays and critical analyzes, who give speeches, who do research, who study history and philosophy. Theatre is not just a default for stupid people who want to be famous. Even the actors in our program do it for the love of acting. The program is highly competitive, and I have never met an actor whom I thought wasn’t one of the most interesting and intelligent people I know.

    I feel that Ms. Devlin’s remark was rude and spoken with ignorance. I challenge Ms. Devlin, and all who share her opinion, to come see one or more of the productions that the theatre department is producing this semester. Myself and my fellow theatre arts majors work very hard on these productions, I am often on campus from 9 a.m. to midnight. How many people work that hard to get their degree? I feel that Ms. Devlin owes every single theatre arts major at the UA an apology, and I am sure I am not the only one who feels that way.

    -Morgan McAslan
    senior majoring in dramaturgy and theatre history

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