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    Free yourself from romantic baggage

    Attention all incoming freshman who will soon have an out-of-town girlfriend or boyfriend: break up. Do it now before things get messy.

    Many couples go into college thinking they have everything worked out: they’ll visit each other every month, trading off between who goes to see who to save each other money. It’s a fine plan in theory, but the fact is, it just doesn’t work.

    For one, the every other month thing is going to fall apart. Inevitably, one member of the relationship will fall in love with the student union, and all that travel money is going to turn into pizza. The “Freshman 15” is another thing. You love him now, ladies, but will you without the abs?

    That leaves only one person to follow through on visiting plans. That, plus long vacations, isn’t too bad, right? Wrong. Most forget to factor in the resentment and distrust that inevitably develops during months apart.

    Doubts like “Am I not important to this person? Why doesn’t he or she care? Is he or she avoiding me? Is he or she cheating?”
    Now let’s say that doesn’t happen. Some couples are so in love they both manage to avoid the siren call of a break-up. They see each other every month, and Skype every night, which annoys roommates to no end. Why? What’s the point? It’s taxing to always be worried about what a significant other is doing all those miles away. It takes up time that should be spent on studies and making new connections. And it’s nearly impossible to keep up a long distance relationship for four years. Many people only think about getting through freshman year together, but what about the other three?

    So just break it off now. End things amicably, and if anything, rekindle your romance when you’re home during summer. While you’re here, you’ll be free to do whatever your untethered heart desires. Go to parties, make new friends, do whatever you want, within the confines of the law, of course. It’s time for you to experience all that the University of Arizona has to offer without a ball and chain holding you down.

    — Tyler Johnson is a journalism senior. He can be reached at or on Twitter via @WildcatOpinions.

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