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    Getting dirty on the ‘Net

    Posting pictures on the gossip Web site has become a phenomenon that has exposed people for delinquent behavior and mischievous deeds. Whether it is out of humor or hatred, exposure on the site has resulted in bruised egos and damaged reputations – but has also elevated some to celebrity-like status.

    One individual, however, did not ever plan on being exposed: the site’s creator.

    Earlier this year the true identity of’s Nik Richie was revealed as Hooman Karamian.

    Karamian was exposed as the site’s creator by after he was arrested by Scottsdale police on charges of an extreme violation of driving under the influence. Once the identity of’s creator was revealed, blogs scoured Karamian’s past. Blogs like Dirtyscottsdale Discovered posted other salacious material in hopes that it that might further tarnish the reputation or crush the popularity of the self-proclaimed “”first ever reality blogger.””

    In a recent interview with UA’s KAMP student radio, Karamian claimed he has actually profited from the negative press.

    “”I thought it would be bad for the site but it’s actually helped,”” Karamian said, referring to the attention he has received. “”Our traffic has doubled.””

    In the wake of his identity becoming public, Karamian responded by posting the mug shot that was taken upon his January arrest on He invited his readers to give him the “”dirty treatment,”” by posting their impressions of his appearance. Karamian even made fun of himself. He reported he received many criticisms but reflecting on the experience, said that people get what they deserve and that he was no exception.

    “”Everyone loves to see someone who is on top fall to the bottom,”” Karamian said. “”The DUI thing is a prime example and that’s why I put myself up. It’s like, hey, the site is doing so successful but I made a huge mistake, I have to put it on the site because it’s dirty, it’s fact, it’s failure.””

    When asked about the accusation made by blogs such as Dirtyscottsdale Discovered, that in his past he engaged in fraudulent business practices, manipulation and deception, Karamian responded, “”Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet. There’s a couple of things out there that supposedly I did and supposedly I didn’t, but the truth behind it is … everything is probably 90 percent exaggerated. People want to hate on other people and that’s how it works when you’re successful.””

    “”People can say whatever they want,”” he said. “”It doesn’t affect me. I have thick skin and I know there are people that aren’t going to agree with everything I do.””

    Karmian says everything about his site is legal and images taken in public are fair game.

    “”If you’re taking a picture half naked or passed out or doing something crazy … if you think it’s not going to get out publicly, you got to be crazy,”” he said. “”In this new world we live in there is no such thing as privacy.””

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