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    Police Beat: Sept. 7

    Three girls, one Keystone

    Three women were stopped by a University of Arizona Police Department officer on suspicion of underage drinking after the officer made contact with them at 1:35 a.m. on Wednesday.

    The officer noticed one woman smelled strongly of alcohol and was unable to walk on her own. The woman’s eyes were bloodshot and watery. She also vomited while seated. She stated she had only had one beer that night.

    The second woman smelt less strongly of alcohol than the first. Her eyes were bloodshot, and the woman admitted she had indeed been drinking at a certain fraternity. She stated she drank only one Keystone beer.

    The third woman had a slight odor of intoxicants coming from her mouth as well. She told UAPD she had been drinking at a fraternity but didn’t specify which one. The woman also said she only drank one beer.

    All three women were cited for minor in possession of spirituous liquors in body and released.

    Suspended license leads to marijuana business bust

    A car was pulled over by a UAPD officer for traffic violations on Thursday.

    The officer who conducted the traffic stop approached the driver who was driving with a suspended license. The officer conducted a mandatory impound of the vehicle as a result.

    When doing so, the officer found a Pepsi box near the back of the car in the spare tire compartment. In the box were two glass containers that contained a substance which appeared to be marijuana. One of the jars was marked “”medicinal marijuana.”” Both jars were taken as evidence.    

    The driver of the car had $800 in twenty-dollar bills in the pocket of his pants. The man claimed the money was from waiting on tables. He stated that he kept it separated from the money in his wallet because he was planning on using that for replenishing his supply of marijuana. He went on to say he treated that supply like a business so he didn’t combine it with the cash in his wallet.

    The man’s money was taken by UAPD for processing and the men in the vehicle were arrested.

    Caught with his pants down

    Two UA students and a woman unaffiliated with the UA were detained by a UAPD patrol car at 2:19 a.m. on Wednesday. One of the men was leaning against the bed of the truck with his pants down.

    The man, who seemed to be urinating, saw the patrol car coming toward him. He quickly pulled his pants up and started walking away.

    The officer got out of the vehicle and told the man to approach his patrol car. When he did, the officer noted the man smelled strongly of alcohol. The officer also noticed that the man smelled of marijuana.

    The officer asked the man if he had been urinating. The man said no. He stated that his pants were too large and he was just pulling them up. The officer asked him if he was carrying any marijuana with him at the moment, and the man replied that he had a little bit.

    The man pulled out a pill bottle containing a leafy, green substance from his pocket and handed it to the officer. He also gave the officer permission to search through his backpack.

    The officer found a 3-inch glass pipe, a plastic baggie containing green plant residue and a pack of cigarillo cigars in the backpack. When the officer asked if he knew the other two individuals that were accompanying him, the man said he had just met them a few minutes before the officer arrived at the scene.

    The man was cited for possession of marijuana, possession of paraphernalia and for minor with spirituous liquor in body.

    The woman, who was of legal drinking age, admitted to drinking at a party that night.

    The other man, who was not, admitted to having a few sips of beer at the same party. He received a citation for minor in possession with spirituous liquor in the body.

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