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    On the Spot

    Ian Taitague
    Ian Taitague

    We staked out the top floor of the Park Student Union and found pre-business freshman Ian Taitague going to pick up something to eat.

    Wildcat: You’re on the spot. What are you getting today?

    Taitague: Thinking about getting some snacks, like some chips.

    W: What kind of chips?

    T: Like Tostitos. Restaurant style chips.

    W: Aren’t those kind of overrated, though? You could go to a real restaurant and get real chips?

    T: But they’re restaurant style.

    W: Oh. Are you going to get these Rold Gold’s?

    T: No, not my thing.

    W: The Lay’s?

    T: No.

    W: What about the cheddar sour cream ones?

    T: Tempting, but I think I had my mind set on this earlier.

    W: What else are you going to get? Candies? Are you going to get those pumpkin seeds?

    T: No. Just probably getting these chips.

    W: That’s all? No cereal or salsa? Dried fruit?

    T: My friends and I are just getting some snacks and watching movies.

    W: So what’s your favorite food to eat in the morning?

    T: I don’t usually eat in the morning. Burger King.

    W: What’s your favorite food to eat in the afternoon?

    T: Burger King.

    W: What’s your favorite food to eat at night?

    T: I … Burger King.

    W: What’s your favorite food to eat in the mid-morning between the morning and the afternoon?

    T: You know, occasionally I’ll have a Philly cheesesteak here and there.

    W: Do you think a person’s snack foods illustrate how they are as a person?

    T: I have no idea.

    W: Say you get these Almond Crunch, it shows that you’re kind of … vegan and wheat-free.

    T: Oh, well.

    W: Whereas, these LifeSavers mints don’t really say much about you.

    T: I don’t usually get any healthy stuff. I’m still a nice person.

    W: Have you ever eaten these? Stretch Island Fruit Co.? What about TigersMilk?

    T: I’m not much of a workout person.

    W: But you can just eat it anyway. It’s milk.

    T: Sure enough.

    – interview by Andi Berlin

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