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    In response to “UA Career Services alone not enough for job security in competitive market” (by Razanne Chatila, Feb. 28):

    Students need to stop relying on schools to find them opportunities. They need to go out and find them and meet people who can provide them with jobs.

    College is not just about education. It’s about joining clubs, organizations, honor societies, and traveling to network with people that will give you access to the resources necessary to compete in the job market.

    — Work for it

    In response to “University of Alabama police breakup of ‘Harlem Shake’ violated First Amendment rights” (by David Weissman, Feb. 28):

    Cry me a river for the police breaking up a group of people trying to film some stupid video revolving around another dumb Internet fad. I’m tired of this crap and no amount of complaining is going to change that.

    — Kevin Wos

    In response to “Minimum wage increase would boost economy, assist low income families” (by Nathaniel Drake, Feb. 26):

    Nathaniel, you forgot to mention how many people would lose their jobs because of this increase. High school and college students working part time, the elderly, etc.

    This passing with the “Affordable Care Act” going into effect would decimate the lower classes and require tens, if not hundreds of thousands, of more people to be unemployed most of which would latch onto government assistance which the government cannot really afford.

    I understand your world view comes from your countless years of indoctrination from your clearly liberal parents, high school teachers and college professors, but please, before making factually incorrect statements and posting them as if they were definitive, get some real world experience. Learn what it is like in the “real world” (or at least attempt to fathom), not just from “the little guys” perspective but also from the middle and from the top.

    The decision to cut workforce isn’t easy. This isn’t “Wall Street” [the movie] where CEOs are in offices smoking cigars and drinking scotch. CEOs are responsible for employees, the general public and yes, stockholders (to keep the company valued as high as possible while putting out a desired product/service).

    Open your eyes, Peter Pan, this isn’t Neverland, this is the real world. We can’t all just hold hands and sing “Kumbaya.” Equal opportunity, NOT equal outcome.

    — AG 2009


    In response to “PIKE Dream Girl process isn’t an easy one” (by Erin DeSoto, Feb. 28):

    “The PIKE dream girl process is not an easy one.” Nor is it easy for the rest of us to watch. Indeed, it is not easy to know this process even exists.

    The “PIKE Dream Girl” signifies how hetero-male-centric our society and the UA campus remains. This woman needs to be beautiful, but according to whose standards? A panel of men? And their standards for the “success” of this “dream girl” is based on speeches, desserts, and a PowerPoint? How well she wears an evening gown?

    Women are being objectified, stressed by the competition to be perfect in the eyes of a few men. This contest bolsters the idea that women are only beautiful, only confident, and only able to perform within society if men grant them those virtues.

    The idea of success is not one that can be simplified to a numerical scale and a set few qualities or achievements. Individuals determine their own success. Women are able to advance in education, society, and the labor market because of the hard work of our grandmothers, mothers, and ourselves, and with the support of male allies who recognized that we were not objects for their rating.

    UA women need to remember this. UA Greek Life and the UA campus as a whole needs to recognize and object to traditions that perpetuate such sexism.

    — The F.O.R.C.E. Interns for the Women’s Resource Center

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