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    Mail Bag

    Where do we go from here? After writing in to the Daily Wildcat the past 2 years, out of sheer coincidence the UA football team has accomplished two different winning streaks in the following weeks. After witnessing the UA football team completely unravel against (subtle rival) New Mexico, it is apparent that this team is still far from consistent despite all the hoopla year after year and our two monstrous wins against powerhouse Idaho and Toledo.

    So in a sense and I’m writing this as another “”possible”” spark for the team, or maybe it’s just a wake up call for us to start the head coaching interviews now! (Bronco Mendenhall or Chris Petersen maybe?)

    Eric Townsend
    Pre-journalism sophomore

    Disabled person ‘mocked’ by security at football game
    The UA should be ashamed. Ashamed! I am disabled and what happened to me last Saturday night should never have happened to anyone. I was treated very badly and was mocked and treated as if I didn’t exist.

    UA, I thought you were all informed about disabled individuals and would treat us with respect if not kindness. This is what happened to me: I volunteered to work in the concessions for the football game last Saturday, Sept. 6, because my son’s high school was doing a fundraiser to raise money for our high school band. I was told I had to pay $10 for disabled parking, which was a surprise since most disabled parking is free. I was willing to pay the $10 as long as they were willing to give me a ride to the stadium, which they did. The young man was very nice who took me on his golf cart.

    After I had finished my shift, I was going home. The gate was nearest the No. 4 concession, by the main entrance. I worked in concession No. 4 for Sahuaro High School. It was one hour before the game ended. I asked other stadium staff for a ride. No one seemed to know who to refer me to. Later I was told to speak to a security person. She was very rude. When I asked for a ride to my car, she mocked me and laughed and said she would carry me, if she could not find someone to take me. I was appalled at her remarks. You see, I don’t look like other physically disabled people. I have rheumatoid arthritis and I can walk but not very far. I do not have a wheelchair and on that day I did not have my cane. I don’t think she believed me. I told her I was indeed disabled and I needed help. She laughed and said she would help me find someone who would. After waiting for 10 minutes, she never came back. I asked another staff person and they ignored me. I asked if the cart nearby could be used and again I was ignored as if I was not there. I had to wait for a half-hour and no one gave me a ride. I tried walking and it took me about a half-hour with two rest stops before I reached my car. By now, the football game was over.

    UA, you should not offer to give rides to the stadium and not give them back. I think I should get an apology, and your staff need to be trained how to work with disabled people and not be so rude and disrespectful. Try learning about the Americans With Disability Act. To the woman who mocked me: I hope you read this and may this never happen to you. May you never feel degraded and powerless. UA, please take a stand for no prejudice toward people with disabilities.

    Amparo De Anda
    Tucson resident

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