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    Police Beat

    Man calls police after confrontation

    Police responded to a call for a disturbance near the Sky View dorm on Oct. 5 at 2:30 a.m.

    When police arrived they made contact with a man who told officers that he had been returning to his dorm, Coronado, from Sky View. When he was walking near 8th Street and Freemont, a black Chevrolet Silverado in the parking lot next to Sky View stopped. A man stepped out of the vehicle and said, “”Hey you, come over here. Don’t look at me.””

    After saying this, the other occupants in the vehicle got out of the truck and began to stare at the man.

    The man told officers that this made him nervous so he hid in some nearby bushes until the men left. He then returned to his friend’s room at Sky View and called police.

    The man did not know where the people in the truck were and said he was not sure if he could identify them again. No charges were pressed.

    Drunk man ransacks friend’s dorm room

    Police responded to a call in the Arizona-Sonora dorm for damaged property Oct. 5 at 2 a.m.

    A student called police after returning to his dorm to find his bed overturned and the light bulb over his bed broken. When police arrived they made contact with the man who showed them the room. The bed was completely flipped over and there was glass around it from the broken light bulb. The student told officers that he had been staying with his mom over the weekend because she was visiting from New York and had not been to the room. He said the night before his roommate sent him a text message saying that the room was “”trashed.””

    The man’s roommate gave the officer names of people and witnesses. Police made contact with another student in the La Paz dorm. The man told officers that he had turned over the man’s bed and broken the light bulb. He said that he had been drinking vodka and was drunk. The man told officers that he and the other student were friends and he was not angry with him.

    The student said he had no desire to press any charges but just wanted a record on file of the incident.

    Suspicion of marijuana at Kaibab dorm

    Police responded to a narcotics call in the Kaibab dorm Oct. 6 at 7:20 p.m.

    A resident assistant called officers after smelling burned marijuana during her rounds. When police arrived they were taken to the room where the RA believed the smell was coming from. There was another RA posted outside of the room.

    The officer knocked on the door and announced himself. There was no response. After several attempts, no contact with the residents could be made. The officer believed he heard noise coming from inside the room, but was unable to collect enough information. The officer left without any charges being filed.

    Man head-butted in altercation

    An officer was dispatched to a fight on Oct. 7 at 9:18 p.m. in the Olive Street Pedestrian Underpass.

    Police responded to Park Avenue and Drachman Street in reference to an assault. Upon arrival the officer made contact with a man who said that he was riding his bicycle through the Olive Underpass, 1095 E. Speedway, when a group of six to eight men riding “”road bikes”” told him he needed to walk his bicycle through the tunnel or pay a $25 fine. The man told officers that everyone in the group was wearing white t-shirts and jeans.

    When told he had to pay the fine the man told the group that that rule was not imposed after 5 p.m. He then approached the group. The man said that once he was near them one “”beefy”” individual with reddish blonde hair and a tight-fitting t-shirt came into close contact with him and head-butted him. The head-butt caused a small cut on the bridge of the man’s nose.

    After head-butting him, the unknown individual asked the man, “”How does that feel?””

    The man left the tunnel after the altercation and called officers. He refused medical treatment.

    An attempt-to-locate order was put out with descriptions of the group of men, although it did not return any results. The man was issued victim’s rights.

    Man shoplifts gluestick, markers from bookstore

    A man was arrested for shoplifting at the UofA Bookstore Oct. 7 at 12:45 p.m.

    Police were called to the bookstore after a man was caught shoplifting. When they arrived, police were taken to a conference room where an employee had the man waiting. The employee told officers that he had seen the man place some items in his pockets while he was in the store.

    The employee made contact with the man when he attempted to leave the store without paying.

    While waiting for officers, the employee said the man became very impatient and got up to leave saying that he was not going to stay. The employee then said that he sat the man back down.

    The man admitted to stealing the items. He told officers that he had money for them and was planning on paying for them. He then said that he picked up the items and wanted to read a book so he put them in his pocket. He then thought about getting Starbucks and forgot the items were in his pocket. He followed the employee after attempting to leave the store, but said he realized he could not be there because he had a test and needed to leave. The man told officers, “”I got up and then got slammed down in my seat and told to wait.””

    The man admitted what he did was wrong and said he understood why.

    He was cited and released for shoplifting an Elmer’s Gluestick, a UA blue silicone bracelet and three Sharpies. The man was told he was not allowed in any of the UofA Bookstores.

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