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    In response to “Medical marijuana research sees opposition” (by Meggie Kessler, Sept. 19):

    “… The DEA should have no business defining what class drugs are placed in.”

    Agreed. They are the Drug Enforcement Administration; their sole purpose should be to enforce the laws, not to legislate them or even less have a direct influence on research of these drugs. Just the same when a cop or any law enforcement official says marijuana shouldn’t be legal. This is only a law enforcement issue until it’s not illegal anymore, the only reason crime and violence is associated with marijuana is because it’s illegal. You never see cops saying smoking cigarettes should be illegal for example; and rightly so, it’s none of their business to say what should be legal and what not. In my opinion, it would be a conflict of interest to have cops and law enforcement weigh in on legislative matters.

    — Gustavo Picciuto

    The DEA is obviously corrupt as huge amounts of money is involved with cannabis being illegal. Big Pharma are scared of the truth too … I just wish government bodies would be as diligent with our food supply and its use of toxic chemicals and fertilizers but then our health system would suffer financially.

    — Anna

    A Spanish medical team’s study released in Madrid in February 2000 has shown that tetrahydrocannabinol (THC),the active chemical in marijuana, destroys tumors in lab rats. These findings, however, are not news to the U.S. government. A study in Virginia in 1974 yielded similar results but was suppressed by the DEA, and in 1983 the Reagan/Bush administration tried to persuade U.S. universities and researchers to destroy all cannabis research work done between 1966 and 1976, including compendiums in libraries. Google cannabis and cancer or cannabis and seizures and you will find that they are effectively keeping people from treatments for many serious medical conditions. They are being consistent with what has been their policy of not allowing research since the early 70’s. Nixon got angry because the research showed benefits. He could not allow those with long hair to be right. To allow further research would confirm what was evident in the Schaefer report of 1972 that marijuana does not belong on the schedule system at all, that private possession of small amounts should not be against the law, and that it is an incredible natural herbal medicine. NIDA is fully aware that marijuana is a treatment for PTSD. That was overwhelmingly apparent from those who returned from the Vietnam war. If they don’t allow the research then they can continue to demonize it as a treatment for anything. If you want to know what the medical benefits of cannabis are you have to look at research outside the US. The cutting edge research is taking place in Spain, Israel, Italy, and Belgium.

    — Dave_K

    Dr. Lyle Cracker of Amherst University fought the feds for 10 years to get permission to grow cannabis for research purposes,at age 70 he said screw it, and gave up. The federal governments refer madness policy would rather build a prison nation than research the possible benefits of cannabis. Not to worry though other, more advanced nations will lead the way.

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