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    In response to “Lulu app might prevent men from getting the chance they deserve” (by K.C. Libman, Jan. 29):

    The disgusting thing is if men created a similar service, feminists would be up in arms about how sexist it is.

    — Sean

    I see what you’re saying, but this app could also help keep women safe. Have you seen the statistics on rape recently? No matter how cute that guy at the bar may be, if you catch a cab back to your place together, you’re taking a risk. Sure, if it became widespread enough, Lulu could cause trouble for some good guys. But it could also help women steer clear of controlling, abusive, and dangerous guys.

    That said, I doubt that Lulu was really designed for anything more than entertainment, or that anyone is likely to take it seriously in the end. Anyone who has the app is well aware of how easy it is to leave a bogus rating on someone’s profile, whether just for fun or with malicious intent. Even if Lulu does become A Thing among the college population, hopefully most of us are smart enough to know by now that you can’t believe everything you read on the Internet.

    — Sarah P. Copy Chief

    College population getting smarter?, excuse me if I don’t hold my breath. All cynicism aside, I really hope a female version of this is on the way. If a female version of this comes out how many reviews would we see with comments like “way too aggressive, avoid at all costs” or maybe “caught her poking holes in my condoms?” More and more evidence comes out all the time that women do and may well be just as likely to sexually assault men as the other way around and sperm jacking is an all too real fear for men nowadays. And Sure, if it became widespread enough, this hypothetical female version of Lulu could cause trouble for some good women. But it could also help men steer clear of controlling, abusive, and dangerous women .

    — Seth (in response to Sarah P.)

    The problem shouldn’t be “don’t get raped” it should be “don’t rape.” The rape culture that we have is messed up. A woman could be dangerous as much as a man, and the stigma that a random guy will rape is actually quite wrong. More rape happens from family members and date rape, from people you know on a closer basis. Lulu may be a sexist app and can be used to score guys, but it shouldn’t have to address any issue of rape if the issue didn’t exist in the first place.

    — Elia (in response to Sarah P.)

    Whoa, I’ve never thought of that before. We should tell people to not kill too, then nobody would ever be murdered! And why haven’t we been letting people know that stealing is bad? We’ve been going about this the wrong way this entire time!

    — CO (in response to Elia)

    I’ve seen a whole lot of fabricated rape statistics recently circulated by feminists in their rape fear campaign. Nonsense like “1 in 4 women will be raped”.

    If you look at actual crime statistics rather than made-up numbers based on ideology and guesswork, it’s more like 1 in 1000.

    — Evil Pundit (in response to Sarah P.)

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