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    Boomsday an explosively witty political satire

    Boomsday an explosively witty political satire

    There is one easy way to solve the impending economic crisis of 77 million baby boomers retiring that no one, until now, has suggested: make them all commit suicide, in exchange for tax breaks.

    This is the radical idea that Cassandra Devine, the protagonist of “”Boomsday,”” puts forward to save the younger generation from the financial responsibility of supporting the senior citizens through Social Security and Medicare.

    Christopher Buckley’s new novel responds to the political worries of the modern world, adding a satirical spin. He takes the idea that people will always pick the most financially sound option and exaggerates it to the extreme. The tax breaks proposed for those senior citizens who commit suicide would save them money, as would the much-lowered living expenses. Who could refuse such an offer?

    “”Boomsday”” follows Cassandra, a popular blogger who suggests the Jonathan Swift-like “”modest proposal”” as she calls for a revolution against the taxes being asked of the American population. Cassandra is young and outspoken, both in her Red Bull-fueled nighttime stand against taxes and her daytime alter ego, the PR assistant.

    Cassandra goes from a casual online critic of culture to a figure whose words have the power to make the president take notice. Her journey to power is helped by Massachusetts senator Randolph Jepperson, with whom Cassandra has an interesting history dating back to her time in the military. It is Jepperson who provides Cassandra with the political leg-up to get her voice heard.

    Buckley’s heroine serves as a messenger of future catastrophe, much like her namesake of Greek mythology, the princess of Troy. Throughout the novel, Buckley manages to tie political understanding in with layers of literary knowledge, grounding the book firmly in the realm of well-written fiction, not just political commentary.

    While “”Boomsday”” splits the world into a strict us against them battle, it does not isolate any one political party for blame or praise. The result is a satire that will have liberals and conservatives alike laughing and nodding along at the expense of the modern system.

    Buckley proves with this novel that his previous triumph, “”Thank You For Smoking,”” was not a one-hit wonder, and that he is capable of following success with success. “”Boomsday”” will have you laughing with the thoughtful kind of humor that gives a perfect mix of entertainment and social reflection.

    Rating: 9/10

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