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    Editorial Pass/fail

    *The Arizona Daily Wildcat puts the issues to the test. Do they make the grade?

    Democratic platform just a start*

    The Democratic Party released its 2012 platform earlier this week, and, to the surprise of pretty much no one, it calls for increasing the number of students who graduate with college degrees by making postsecondary education more accessible through federal financial aid.

    While the Republican platform called for specific changes to the student loan program and more support for alternatives to four-year institutions, the Democratic platform focused on the Obama administration’s past accomplishments.

    The plan reiterated President Barack Obama’s goal for the U.S., saying the nation will have the highest proportion of college graduates in the world by 2020. It also touted Obama’s actions during his term in office, which include ending bank-based student lending and expanding the Federal Pell Grant program. These things are all well and good. You won’t hear us complaining about more people being able to receive an education without acquiring more debt.

    But still, the Democratic Party can only receive an incomplete for its platform, as it was entirely silent on affirmative action. The GOP’s plan formally opposed advancement based on any factors other than merit. With a Supreme Court challenge to affirmative action in college admissions set to be heard this fall, it would have been nice to get some kind of position on this issue from the Democratic Party.

    More things that aren’t surprises

    Greek Life is living up to all its stereotypes.

    Last week, Tau Kappa Epsilon became the third fraternity this year to lose UA recognition.

    Delta Chi was put on interim suspension last spring. Phi Kappa Psi’s charter was revoked by its national executive council last January after an investigation on allegations of hazing, underage drinking and lying to hide wrongdoing.

    TKE came under scrutiny by the Dean of Students Office for allegations of hazing, including forced consumption of alcohol, forced physical exertion and sleep deprivation, according to Keith Humphrey, dean of students and assistant vice president of Student Affairs.

    Members of the fraternity denied the allegations, blaming them on a disgruntled former member whom they refused to identify.

    “There’s no real evidence behind what’s been said … only a disgruntled member who was kicked out,” said Shane Sprague, a sophomore studying psychology and pre-business and the social chair of TKE. “There were problems with money … that might have been what really led him to say a lot of the things he might have said.”

    In other words, some guy tattled, TKE members say. Also, he was poor and maybe he didn’t like being poor.

    And the UA’s decision to strip the fraternity of recognition? It’s just because the school is mean.
    Color us bored. Point as many fingers as you want and blame anyone but yourselves, but we’re only three weeks into the semester and all the fingers in the world won’t point to an answer to a real question: What is Greek Life doing?

    For now, the UA’s Greek Life community receives a fail. There’s nothing constructive about whining like children, and it doesn’t build a case for respecting Greek Life.

    — Editorials are determined by the Daily Wildcat editorial board and written by one of its members. They are Bethany Barnes, Kristina Bui, Jason Krell, K.C. Libman and Alex Williams. They can be reached at or on Twitter via @WildcatOpinions.

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