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    Police Beat

    Student cited for fake ID after losing wallet
    A man was cited after losing his wallet.

    A student who lost his wallet was called into the University of Arizona Police Department station last Tuesday. A black Volcom wallet had been turned into the CatCard office earlier in the day. A woman working there said she had looked in the wallet to find identification when she saw two California driver’s licenses, both with the same name but different birthdays. The woman said she had e-mailed the student to let him know that she had his wallet, but wanted to show the police what she had discovered.

    Police contacted the student, who agreed to meet with them at the UAPD station. When police saw that he matched the picture on his ID, they asked him about the wallet. He said he had lost it four or five days ago at an unknown location.

    Police then asked the man about the fake ID. He admitted it was his and said that it was a bad copy so he does not try to get into clubs with it, but he does buy beer at stores with it.

    The student was cited and released for possession of a fictitious driver’s license and referred to the Dean of Students Office.

    Police find man eating from trash can
    Police responded to help Tucson Police Department with a call about a man eating out of a garbage can.

    The man was eating out of a trash can on First Street when police approached him. He agreed to talk to police and verbally identified himself. He did not give police logical answers to any of their questions and talked about the Bible and other topics unrelated to anything police were asking him.

    After running the man’s information, police discovered that he was missing from the Endeavors Group Home since Sept. 14, and had a warrant out with TPD.

    The man was taken into TPD custody and the Home was called with no response.

    Sign stolen in Union
    Police responded to a larceny call at the Student Union Memorial Center last Wednesday.

    A custodial staff member called police after realizing that a large sign was missing. The sign, which contained the restaurant listings of the union, is approximately 6.5 by 2 feet.

    There are no suspects.

    Woman reports offensive sticker
    Police were contacted to deal with a sticker that someone reported as offensive.

    A woman e-mailed officers after she had received an e-mail from an unknown person about a bumper sticker that was placed on a dumpster on the east side of McClelland Hall.

    Reports noted that the white and black sticker made a reference to “”outlawing wetback.”” They also said that the sticker was very worn down, and they were not sure if it had been placed there originally or if it had been somewhere else and was then moved there. Digital images were taken of the sticker.

    A woman from waste management was contacted. She told police that she did not want their property to be the victim of vandalism. UA facilities were contacted to deal with the sticker. They said that the sticker would be painted over or removed at cost to the UA.

    Man found drinking in public
    A man was cited and released by the police for drinking in public.Police stopped while on patrol after observing a male sitting at the bus stop at Speedway Boulevard and Campbell Avenue, apparently drinking out of an alcoholic container.

    When police pulled up and got out to talk to the man, they observed that he had a brown paper sack and what appeared to be a can inside. Police made contact with the man, who identified himself.

    He showed the police that he was drinking a 24-ounce can of Olde English 800. The man was cited and released, and the contents of the can were poured out.

    Officers respond to arguing couple
    Police responded to an anonymous tip that a man and a woman were arguing near the Park Student Union.

    Police responded to the call and made contact with the two people. They approached the couple and asked what was going on and why neighbors were calling the police. The man said that nothing was going on and that he was on his way home.

    Police noted that his eyes were glossy and his pupils were dilated. He was very agitated when police spoke to him. He argued with officers and smelled of intoxicants. Another student came up to officers, saying that he had witnessed the two fighting. The male student in question said that he and his girlfriend had been arguing but nothing happened.

    The man gave the police the name of the girl, and she was contacted. She told officers that they had gotten into an argument but that he had not pushed or hit her. Police told her that they smelled intoxicants on her breath and asked if she had been drinking. She admitted to having a few beers with her boyfriend before going out. She then told them that on the way back home, they had gotten in an argument, because she did not want to stay in his dorm room that night.

    Officers told them that they would both be referred to the Dean of Students for alcohol diversion.

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