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    From the newsroom: Where do you get your national, international news?

    The Arizona Daily Wildcat’s mission is to be “the most accurate, most thorough and most interesting source of news, sports and entertainment for the campus community.”

    At a basic level, that means it’s our job to be the best source of information about what’s happening on campus. That’s our specialty.

    But what does this mission mean when it comes to national and world news?

    I asked you to chime in on Facebook and the responses I got were mixed. I’m torn about it myself.

    Before I had anything to do with the Wildcat or even knew that I wanted to be a journalist, I liked seeing some national news in the paper for one important reason: I could get it for free.

    I didn’t always have quarters to pay for other papers and they were too bulky to carry around. I didn’t usually lug my laptop to campus so I couldn’t get free news there.

    I wanted an idea of what was happening at my school and I wanted to know what the top stories in the news cycle were. The Wildcat offered a pretty good solution.

    Now, I’m not sure that readers need that solution. Most of us can get free national and world news on our smartphones.

    Is having a Nation & World page part of providing you thorough coverage?

    “You should definitely do national and world news,” wrote David Archuleta on Facebook. “I guess just so all the important news is available to read in one paper. I would probably read the wildcat more often if it wasn’t just random topics from around campus.”

    News editor Kyle Mittan said he leans toward this sentiment too. While UA news is the biggest part of our paper, Mittan said, he likes the idea of the print edition being a one-stop shop for readers.

    But other readers argued they don’t need a one-stop shop. Gabriela Cristina Diaz said she doesn’t usually want to read national or world news in the _Wildcat _because she gets it elsewhere.

    However, I’ve been wondering if there is merit to having national and world stories picked by your peers.

    Looking for those stories on the Web can be a disaster. There are just so many, and it’s easy to get distracted on the Internet.

    A Nation & World page enables us to highlight important issues and trending stories.
    Five of you commented on Facebook that you’d love to see more news from outside our Arizona bubble, and more supported this idea with likes.

    Right now, I’m leaning that direction, but those of you who think those stories take valuable real estate away from UA coverage make excellent points.

    I want to hear more from both sides as we think about restructuring this section. Or perhaps you have points I didn’t raise.

    Maybe you get your fill of national news and only want to see international news.
    It’s your paper, so let us know what you want to see in the print edition.

    — Bethany Barnes is the managing editor and the readers’ representative for the Daily Wildcat. She can be reached at or on Twitter via @BetsBarnes .

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