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    The only thing we have to fear…

    It was both surprising and disappointing that the Arizona Daily Wildcat resorted to unnecessary fear mongering in Thursday’s news section (“”3 students on sex offender register””). To publish the names of two UA students who have committed no recent crime is as irresponsible as it is lacking in news value.

    Shockingly, the news article offered no evidence to suggest that either of these men pose an imminent threat to the UA community. One man is simply registering for classes, a transaction so mundane and innocuous that it would hardly qualify as newsworthy if he were not branded as a “”sex offender.””

    The men to whom the article referred have served their jail time and have repaid their debt to society. What’s more, they are apparently making an endeavor to better themselves through education and gainful employment. This is the route one would hope all ex-felons pursue, and the Wildcat should not play a role in needlessly adding to their opprobrium.

    To be sure, UA students who are concerned about sex offenders in their midst can easily find that information in a wide array of online databases. But absent any real news story, there is no reason – journalistic or otherwise – for the Wildcat to cast a dark pall on members of the UA community who are ostensibly trying to rehabilitate themselves by seeking an education.

    The Wildcat’s mission statement is to “”disseminate news to the community.”” Unfortunately, there was no news to be found here, and the only result has been to stigmatize two men who are taking positive steps to re-enter that community. Apparently, the only thing the UA has to fear is fear mongering itself.

    -Damion LeeNatali
    former Wildcat opinions editor

    -Shane Ham
    former Wildcat opinions columnist

    -Matt Stone
    former Wildcat opinions columnist

    -Vanessa Valenzuela
    former Wildcat opinions columnist

    -Jessica Wertz
    former Wildcat opinions columnist

    Obesity externalities ‘fallacious’

    When someone says, “”Like secondhand smoke, the costs of obesity fall on others and are beginning to burden an already troubled health care system,”” that is fallacious.

    First, obesity is not secondhand smoke. My fatness has nothing to do with yours. I don’t blow fat poisons into your lungs that make you fat when I eat a cheeseburger.

    Second, the solution to rising costs of fatness to society is to cut the costs to those who are not fat – or for that matter, those who don’t smoke. What does that mean? End socialized medicine.

    Lastly, I am frankly surprised that Swedish kids are getting obese. The milk from the government tit must be high-calorie. Perhaps instead of government regulation of obesity, personal freedom should reign supreme. I personally like the variety of choices in the food market and the freedom to do whatever I choose with my time.

    -Matthew Harwood
    nutritional sciences junior

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