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    “On the Spot: Claudia Diaz-Combs, civil engineering sophomore [w/ VIDEO]”

    On the Spot: Claudia Diaz-Combs, civil engineering sophomore [w/ VIDEO]

    So, random question. But how do you feel about the Top 40 music that is constantly being played on the radio, at social gatherings?

    Well, I don’t really listen to the radio. I just listen to my iPod because I hate hearing the same song like every two minutes. iPod and CDs.

    Old school, but the best way to go. So what are the top three artists on your iPod that you are always listening to?

    All right, well, these are pretty random but it’s Jason Mraz, Bullet for my Valentine and Linkin Park.

    So what kind of music does that fall under?

    I mean, Jason Mraz doesn’t really fall under the same category as the other two. But they are kind of like hard rock and Jason Mraz is like sort of pop.

    I feel like a lot of girls really relate to him.

    I think so too.

    If you could pick one song on your iPod to relate your life to, what would it be? Tough question, I know.

    Well there is this artist named Michael Franti and this song called “”Sound of Sunshine”” and it’s about how you could be going through a really rough time and sort of just have to push through it. So it is very easy and simple to relate to, especially with school and stress and stuff. So that is the song I am relating my life to, right now.

    Very, very common for us U of A students. Okay, next random question, if someone could sponsor you like a company or a brand, who would sponsor you and why? For me personally, it would be Starbucks because I am always there and love it but, who would it be for you?

    I think, probably, Apple because then I would get all their techy stuff and I love all their music stuff and computer stuff. I have a Mac and I love to look for stuff and update it. Ideally, I would want Mac so I could get all that free stuff.

    And what do you think about the iPad?

    I think it’s sort of ridiculous. I mean, I would find it way too hard to do all the typing with the touch screen. I mean, I have a touch screen phone and that is hard enough.

    Yeah, the touch is kind of taking over the planet these days.

    Yes, kind of like Facebook.


    — Caroline Nachazel

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