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    “On the spot: Hallie Edmonds, Anthropology and art history senior”

    Since it is noon on April Fools’ Day, I just have to ask, have you been pranked yet?

    No, I haven’t been pranked as of yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it happens sooner or later.

    All right, well let’s retrograde a bit. What is your most memorable April Fools’ Day experience?

    I actually have never had a very memorable one, to be honest. But I do have a friend who told me about one he had in elementary school. I guess in the third grade he had a teacher who was always very sweet and had a very nice disposition — never really raised her voice. Well, she came in to class one day and started screaming at the kids. She told them to sit down and begin writing out “”I will not talk in class, and I will not misbehave”” 50 times. The class was in shock, but they proceeded to write it down anyways. About 20 lines in, she suddenly turned back to the class and said, “”Why you all doing this?”” And they all said, “”Because you told us to. Because we were being bad apparently.”” At which point she said, “”Oh, well April Fools!””

    Wow! I don’t know whether to find that funny or just plain mean.

    I know, right?

    So do you plan to pull a little prank on anyone?

    Not as of yet. I might, if something occurs to me I might try it. No plans to yet, though.

    No food fights or test fibs or anything like that?

    Well, I do have me Ancient Greek Class later, and that only has about five people in it. There is a good opportunity to stir up some trouble there.

    Are any of your friends likely to surprise you with something?

    I don’t know, I’m not really sure. Typically people will go up and point to your shirt like something is on it, and then when you go to look down, they will flick you in the face. I hate that!

    Me too! Well, it’s only noon! Who knows what the day will bring?

    I know! We’ll see. Hopefully nothing too psychologically damaging!

    —Dallas Williamson

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