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    In response to “Political correctness not the issue when it comes to Cornell University’s gigantic jugs” (By David Weissman, March 5):
    If it’s so “light hearted” to even “joke” about judging a female body part and awarding the “best” money why don’t we have a fraternity do the same thing? “Which Frat has the Best Jugs?” I’m sure it will get a laugh and some money.

    Or better yet why not have them sell food then we may be able to ask ourselves (with a semi-straight face) “which frat has the best sausage?” I guarantee it will get attention.

    Incidentally, just because the sororities involved were “enthusiastic” does not make it any less demeaning. Plenty of women get behind the “liberation” of stripping and porn or advocate “real womanhood” that centers on staying in the home and making babies. That doesn’t make it OK.
    — Ariel B. Flowers

    In response to “We’re done with GPSC President Brooks’ games” (By the Daily Wildcat Editorial Board, March 5):
    Great article. I am a student and can attest to the fact that this is in accurate picture of Zachary Brooks’ abuse of his position as GPSC president.

    However, it doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface. I hope this sends a message to anyone who allows Zach to influence them with his power. He is misrepresenting so many students and I look forward to his term expiring.
    — A student

    A personal attack on a political figure, who happens to also be an
    ex-colleague of mine. I wonder what is really behind this since Zach Brooks was freely elected and is therefore obligated to take political positions. Seems like an ugly attempt to raise money for the newspaper.

    Brooks should be allowed to write an unedited op-ed in response to defend his views on behalf of graduate students. Otherwise this seems like an unsophisticated abuse of media power and a shameless fundraising pitch.

    I have known Zach for over 15 years. He worked for me while I was at Daimler-Benz in Palo Alto, Calif. and I re-hired him while at Link TV in Los Angeles. Although I am not aware of all the particulars, Zach seems to be standing up for a group of students ignored by the Daily Wildcat.
    — Ben Fuller

    In response to “Rebuttal to ‘a personal attack’” (By Zachary Brooks, March 6):
    Just because you can’t see how a fee benefits you doesn’t mean that you should try to overturn the fee. Last I checked, when I voted on uses of the Student Services Fee, I voted to use the fee for the graduate programs and student council.

    If I had followed your line of logic and voted according to what’s best for me, I would have voted to cut funding to you graduate students. But I chose the option that’s best for the university. When people vote selfishly instead of for the greater good, we all lose.
    — Cody P.

    Sincerely, thank you for this, Zach. I am a graduate student who in the last 12 months made a ridiculous $10k and worked 40 hrs/wk including during the summer. I count pennies to pay my rent.
    Thank you for taking the time to look at things carefully and advocate so thoughtfully on behalf of graduate and professional students. Like most of the rest of the UA undergrad population, these Daily Wildcat kids simply serve to distract … and offend.
    — uagradstudent

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